EP Review: "Bones" by Ever

Hey guys!

Do you know what?
Diving into genres that you're not completely familiar with is such a refreshing experience!

Electro-pop is one of those genres that I can't entitle as my expertise. I sure know a thing or two about it, but I know in order to understand its' full potential, I have to dive in deeper.

And the wonderful thing about being a music blogger is, that I receive different submissions all the time.
Finding a gorgeous electro-pop submission in my emails, I had the perfect reason to sit down and get to know this genre a bit better.

Artist: Ever
Title: Bones
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Label: independent
Release: 31st October 2015
HITS rating: 8/10

Ever is a singer/songwriter from the Isle Of Wight, England.
As mentioned above, her music style can be described as electro-pop.

With a lot of personality and hard work, the female one man show has managed to build herself a loyal fan base.

So far Ever released:
Bodies (single)
Common Daze (EP)
Bones (EP)

And today I'm going to review her latest release, the "Bones" EP for you.

1) Bones
2) Naturally
3) Home
4) Halloween

Opener and title track "Bones" represents Ever sound in a very classy manner. Her hauntingly beautiful voice collides with the atmospheric instrumentals.
The synths are used in a very clever and effective way. Well arranged breaks give the song a lot more grip, more intensity.

"Naturally" is one of those songs who stand out immediately. Ever's light but expressive vocals are accompanied by very melodic instrumentals. It seems like every element of the song has its' own job: The rather up beat rhythm section leads you through the song, the slightly funky snyths set an inviting scene and the honesty in Ever's voice underlines her vivid storytelling.

To sum it up: Ever definitely knows how to create atmospheric electro-pop, the way she keeps the honesty and sincerity in her songs is something you don't find every day. 
Make sure to keep an eye on this talented lady!

You should listen to these tracks: Bones, Naturally

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Sound: Ever | Ever kindly sent me a physical copy of "Bones"


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