Access All Areas: Hudson Taylor at Zwölfzehn, Stuttgart

Hey guys!

It's definitely no secret - I love honest and handmade music. And I also love powerful music.
You know, that kind of music which just grabs you.

And when both of these elements are combined, it's kind of like a jackpot.

On November 6th I got to work with the incredibly talented Hudson Taylor in Stuttgart. Not only did we film a few videso for house in the sand, but I also followed the guys when they went downtonwn to do some busking before their headline show at club Zwölfzehn.

Hudson Taylor are a folk duo consisting of brothers Alfie and Harry from Dublin, Ireland.

Two lads with a lot of passion and even more talent to make music.
They started out busking on the streets of Dublin and continued recording videos on their YouTube channel throughout the years which had millions of views by now.

Besides cover versions of famous tracks they also perform their originals and have released quite a few tunes.

EP: Battles (2012)
EP: Cinematic Lifestyle (2012)
EP: Osea (2013)
EP: Battles II (2014)
Album: Singing For Strangers (2015)

Earlier this year brothers Harry and Alfie went on a busking tour through Germany, and just this week they came back and played a few headline shows.

I went to see the band perform at Zwölfzehn and interviewed them before the show. (Interview will be online tomorrow!)

The lads then went to do some busking in the city center and asked me to come along. Of course I took loads of pictures and also filmed some bits of their performance, you'll find all impressions below.

I hope enjoy! 

The duo made a few bucks playing their songs on the streets of Stuttgart; people stopped, listented for a while and gave them some money.

After the set Alfie went and gave the money to a homeless man, that was just an absolutely beautiful gesture and shows what lovely people they are.

Well done, lads!

After a delicious meal at a very lovely restaurant we went back to the venue, just in time to see the support act open the show.

Support act of the evening was Kilian Mohns, this guy was fantastic. He worked with a loop station and recorded backing vocals and percussions live on stage.

With a fantastic mix of ballads and up tempo songs, the singer/songwriter warmed up the crowd perfectly.

The venue was packed when Hudson Taylor came on stage and sang along from the very first to the very last note. It was honestly the nicest crowd I've seen in a while.
(Big thanks to the front row for letting me take pictures in such relaxed way!)

Seriously, the audience was fantastic.
They sang, they clapped, I think they even danced. It was very energetic and very passionate.

The two brothers definitely know how to work with a crowd in a charming and entertaining manner.
Making jokes, telling stories, bringing fans on stage and interacting with the crowd was all part of an effortless show.

What really stood out was the band performing unplugged, no mics - no amps. 

They started out on stage and went into the crowd for encores, you'll find some snaps of that below.

Besides creating a very intimate atmosphere that way, the unplugged performances also showed how incredibly talented Alfie and Harry are. They sound amazing live!

1) Drop Of Smoke
2) Second Best
3) Weapons
4) Called On
5) Don't Tell Me
6) World Without You
7) Two Of Us / Pray For The Day
8) Beautiful Mistake
9) Holly
10) Butterflies
11) Don't Know Why
12) Chasing Rubies
13) Care
14) For The Last Time
15) Battles

In the interview we filmed, Hudson Taylor told me they have been playing most of their shows with a band.
This tour was different as it was just the two of them on stage.

All songs were performed with two acoustic guitars, therefore they sounded just like the guys wrote them.

Here's a video of Hudson Taylor busking:

Hudson Taylor online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Massive thank you to Harry, Alfie and Ronan for being absolutely incredibly wonderful!

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text, Photographs & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske
** Many thanks to FKP Scorpio for letting me visit the show for free. **


  1. His name was something like Killian M....but I can't remember his surname:D and are those all of the pictures you took while the gig or are there some more?

    1. Juni! Thanks so much! Unfortunately I can't find him online. :(
      Those are my favourite pictures of the gig, there were around 300 though .. haha.
      Thanks for your comment! :)

    2. Oh okay :D Maby I can figure out what his surname was... If I have I'll tell you :D are you going to upload some more?

    3. A lovely readers told me on Twitter - it's Kilian Mohns, you'll find his link in the article now. :)
      No, those are the only ones. There are already so many pictures, so I'm trying to keep it simple. Are you looking for more?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Oh thank you :D he was really good either!
      And yes I've been indeed looking for some more ... I know it maybe sounds a bit strange but harry took me on the stage and I was wondering if anybody took a photo... But I couldn't find one and I really don't wanna forget this moment

    6. Aww, that doesn't sound strange at all! That was such a cute moment, I loved seeing it. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it. But if I see one online, I'll let you know. :)

    7. Thank you! :) yes I still can't really believe what happened. Okay that would be great :D

    8. It was so, so lovely! Keep those memories in your heart. :)


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