Cover Of The Day: "Wonderwall" by Jourdan Myers (Oasis)


Hey guys!

How many of you have ever covered a song?
Don't we do it daily when we sing along to our favourite songs?

I love covers. I don't always like every single one I hear, but I think if there's a song you love and you want to cover, go ahead and do it.

My favourite covers are those which sound different to the original.
Those which are the artist's own version of the song, those which make you listen to the song in a completely different way.

And I'm absolutely excited to share one of those covers with you today. 

Jourdan Myers is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, US. 
Her sound varies from alternative to folk to pop and even draws in some rock elements at times. 
So far Jourdan released a fantastic album called "Ruin Me With Love".
 It showcases her wide range of vocals; one minute she sounds as vulnerable as a fairy, the other she burts out into intense and strong vocals.
Her performance is just as remarkable, but dear HITS-readers, you'll find that out yourself today.

I'm sure we all know the Oasis hit "Wonderwall". In fact, I'm sure most of us had a go at singing it. 
(Or performing it on the guitar. Hello first four chords we ever learned!)

When Jourdan emailed me about this cover, I was very curious because I couldn't imagine her singing the standart guitar based version, and I turned out to be right.

The singer/songwriter re-worked the song and turned it into a ballad focused on vocals and piano.
Light percussions underline the song and play along comfortably whilst Jourdan's gorgeous vocals shimmer in many lights. 
Varying from deep and raspy vocals to light, angel like notes in the chorus, the vocals are definitely what control the track.

There are millions of covers of "Wonderwall" out there, yet I really recommend you check this one out.
It'll surprise you, I guarantee!


Jourdan Myers online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jerschewske | Image & Video: Jourdan Myers 


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