Gig Photography: Ryan O'Reilly at Roxy, Ulm


Hey guys!

When artists sound amazing on records, it's cool.
But when you go to a show and they blow you away with their live sound, that's when you know they are talented.

I got to see an incredible act live just a few days ago.
It was so nice to see Ryan O'Reilly live after featuring him on HITS a few times before.

Ryan O'Reilly and his band offer a big variety of sounds, still they march into the Folk and Americana direction. Their songwriting is mainly influenced by relationships with people as well as different places.
  Commuting between London (UK), Berlin (Germany) and Toronto (Canada) the band is obviously offered a wide range of city influences.

 Ryan O'Reilly and his band are:
Ryan O'Reilly
Tyler Kite
David Granshaw
Tom Juhas

Ryan started playing the guitar at the age of 10, when his father gave him a six-string saying “you’re never going to impress anyone with your looks or your charm so you’d better get good at this”. 
Eight years later Ryan still followed his father's advice and went to Toronto, Canada where he played countless open mics. His travels made him meet Tyler Kite and David Granshaw.

Them busking on London’s famous Portobello Road street market has opened many doors for the three musicians; people who enjoyed hearing their music invited them to their hometowns such as Oslo, Berlin, Lisbon, Napoli, Toronto and London - just to name a few.

Ryan and his band made a stop in Ulm whilst touring Germany. Below are lots of impressions of the gig.

Support act for the night was Joe Astray, a folk singer/songwriter based in Hamburg, Germany.

Visit him on Facebook.

Ryan O'Reilly and his band went on stage and immediately bursted into the first song of their set.
With his stage presence, Ryan managed to control the crowd's attention from the very first minute.

He kept telling short stories about the songs and little anecdote from touring to entertain the listeners with more than just songs.

The band consisting of Tyler, David and Tom is absolutely brilliant.

The three musicians help giving the songs more grip and more energy on stage, each of them knows how to control their instrument and the communication between all members was fantastic.

The setlist was a clever mix of ballads and up tempo folk rock tracks.
Towards the end it was only Ryan playing some acoustic songs without the band before they joined him once again for the encore.

I can honestly say that this was one of the best gigs I've seen this year.
Loved the mixture of honesty, wit and pure passion on stage!

Chapeau to Ryan and the band - you guys sounded fantastic!

Thanks for having me and for the lovely little collaboration beforehand. Can't wait to share the content we created.

Ryan O'Reilly online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske | Video via Ryan O'Reilly on YouTube


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