Performance Of The Day: "Your Lips" by Josh Savage

Hey guys!

I've got a question - how many of you listen to music?
No, I don't mean listen to music in the "got it playing in the background" kind of way.

I mean, how many of you sit down, put on a song and just listen to it without doing anything else?

I have to admit that I often forget that listening to music can be a single task.
You don't have to exercice whilst listening, you don't have to tidy your room, you don't have to anything whilst listening to music.

In fact, I think it's only fair to inhale a song, to notice all it's small details; from the clever riff to the tiniest percussion. It'll make you realise how much effort the artists put into their music. (in most cases)

Today I'd like to share an incredible performance with you by an artist I can't help but listen to without doing anything else.

Josh Savage is a singer/songwriter from Winchester, UK raised in Paris, France.
His sound is often described as a mixture of folk and rock and his musical influences range from Gabrielle Aplin to Saint Raymond to Snow Patrol to Bombay Bicycle Club and Bonobo.

As a child who "sang before he spoke", it was obvious that Josh was going to pursue a music career.

So far he released two EPs by himself; "Mountains In Hurricanes" and "Spaces", both of them received great critics.

His upcoming EP "Quatre Épines" is available for pre-order now, click here.
The EP is in French and was inspired by the book Le Petit Prince and it's out 7th December 2015.

I've featured Josh before (interview) and already fell for his music back then.
It was recently when a good friend of mine, Jim Kroft, played a show with Josh and posted about it.

Yesterday I started listening to his songs again and couldn't get over "Your Lips", therefore I'd like to share this incredible performance with you guys today.

Whilst the studio version of this song includes a steady rhythm section and gorgeous string arrangements, Josh's live version is kept very simple.

Vocals and guitar.

The performance for Sofar Sounds Toronto highlights the fragile and vulnerable side of the song; Josh's warm vocals transport the emotions in such strong way
He makes you listen to every word he sings, his music soaks you in and doesn't let you go easily.

The light guitar picking slowly transforms into energetic strumming, the vocals get louder - the atmosphere of the song intensifies. 
Josh tells a painful story with this song and let's you connect with the song in such beautiful way.

Have a listen yourself!

Josh Savage online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Josh Savage


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