Access All Areas: Ciaran Lavery & Tommy Reilly in Stuttgart

Hey guys!

Gig photography is often entitled as one of the most difficult parts of photography.

Whilst I'm very proud of my photography gallery (all access | black&white | colours), the last gig I visited didn't quite offer the photography situation I was hoping for.
Why? Because the venue was packed and I couldn't move at all.

So there honestly aren't enough photographs of the gig itself to put a gig photography post online.
But because I really wanted to write about the gig itself, I started thinking about possible posts.

Most of the times I get to film with the acts I see in concert and often that also leads to hanging out together.

The material I had from said last gig gives a good insight in a what happens before a gig.

On Wednesday (18th November) I met up with an artist I've featured a couple of times before,
Ciaran Lavery.
He brought along Tommy Reilly to support him on tour.

We met up before their gig at Café Galao in Stuttgart to film something secret. (ermm... #HITSBC16)

Afterwards I got to join the the Ciaran, Tommy, Lyndon and Matthias for dinner. (hashtag food porn!)
Besides having normal music and life related conversations, I also learned a lot about R. Kelly songs. 

I documented most of the fun below, so feel free to access all areas at this special gig!

(If you scroll down to the gig pictures, you'll be able to learn more about both artists and their music.)

Filmed a video in a dreamy location! Can't wait for you to see this!
Had a lot of fun fliming this one.

After dinner we all went for walk through Stuttgart.

Once we made it through certain dodgey areas, it began to look a lot like Christmas - the ice skating rink was already in action and all the fairy lights managed to spread a festive atmosphere.

Lads having a chat.

Exploring fancy buildings in Stuttgart.

Just need to point out how fantastic the weather was! It wasn't cold at all, so making the most of Stuttgart's sights was a dream!

This gorgeous mister made my photography heart happy.
Might start out in nature and animal photography.

After exploring Stuttgart, we then went back to the venue and the amazing "backstage" flat.
Playing a few more comedy songs, having a beer, and preparing for the gig was part of the time before the show.

Tommy Reilly is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland.
His music marches into the acoustic direction, sprinkled with folk and pop/rock elements.

Tommy's sound varies from playfully experimental to melancholic and mature. Either way, it's very honest.
His vivid storytelling goes hand in hand with the gorgeous arrangements Tommy offers.

The Scottish musician has been very busy ever since he started out and therefore has appearances at T in the Park, Glastonbury and many other big festivals under his belt.

So far Tommy Reilly released three albums; "Words On The Floor", "Hello! I'm Tommy Reilly" and "Waking A Sleepwalker".
His first EP "Weightless" is about to be released.

Tommy Reilly online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Tommy played a 30 minutes support slot which consisted of beautiful songs and hilarious stories between those songs.
One wouldn't expect the young singer/songwriter to be such an entertainer.

With funny remarks and his beautiful and calming songs, Tommy quickly won over the crowd and had full control about things.

Listen to Tommy's song "This Time Of Year" below! 

Ciaran Lavery is a singer/songwriter from Aghagallon, Ireland.

His music is passionate, expresses all different states of heartache and could be classified as alternative folk / acoustic rock.

He's been making music for quite a while and already released a debut album ("Not Nearly Dark") and three EPs ("You Will Be A Stranger Now", "The Maker Of Things", "Kosher").

His music got him some fantastic feedback from Zane Lowe, Snow Patrol's very own Gary Lightbody and many more.

Ciaran Lavery online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Ciaran opened his set with an acapella track before bursting into a brilliant of the Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" which definitely soaked the crowd in.

Having to face some sound difficulties with the PA system, Ciaran went back to singing without the support of guitar instrumentals which showed how talented he is.

His raspy, yet still soft voice tends to lead you through the tracks.
Ciaran's stage presence is also very entertaining, his rather sarcastic humour found a lot of fans in the Stuttgart crowd.

Listen to one of my favourite songs "Left For America" here.

After the gig we sat down and had some more great laughs.
If I told you what our conversations were about, you probably wouldn't believe it.
(Cats, The Princess Diaries, cats, more cats and cats.)

Many, many thanks to Ciaran and Tommy for being so wonderful! I had a fantastic time filming and hanging out with you.
You guys are hilarious!

Also, many thanks to Lyndon and Matthias who were incredibly lovely and funny as well!

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. Your photos get better every time. I wish I concentrated on photography as much as you do, and I might be able to take shots like those as well. But at the moment, I am lacking both time and inspiration to work with the camera for photographs, although lately some inspiration has been springing (I'm sorry this isn't about the musical aspect of the post, which is, as always, great as well).

    1. You absolute darling, you! Thanks so much for your lovely comment, you know I love a good photography chat.
      I wish you had more time to focus on your photography again, you're a wonderful creative head.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to write. :) x


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