Song Of The Day: "Sugar Dream" by Valley Shine

Hey guys!

How on earth is it August already? I know it's such a normal thing to say but time really flies and I'm not sure whether that's cool or scary.
But one thing about the time thing is amazing - the more months pass by, the more music is released. 

And don't we all just love music?
(The writer of a music blog asks... oh the irony.)

Anyway, today I've got another song of the day for you and I've got the feeling that a lot of you are going to love it!

The song is called "Sugar Dream" and it's by Valley Shine.

Valley Shine are a band based in Los Angeles, USA.
Their sound is a unique creation of light and bubbly folk pop.

Valley Shine are:
Jenna Blake (vocals, keys, guitar)
Sam Sobelman (vocals, guitar, banjo)
Stewart James (bass)
Troy Lawton (drums)
Danny Severance (violin)
Myke Wilken (guitar, banjo)

The band started out with Jenna looking for a writing partner, she soon found Sam through an application. Their writing styles worked together so well and so Valley Shine was born.
Soon the two figured they wanted a full band sound and so now the six musicians play together.

With their EP called "Loca"coming up in fall this year, the band is ready to convince people with their music.

"Sugar Dream" is a bubbly, sunny and light track. The song has a lovely feeling to it, it invites you to move with the charming and groovy upbeat vibe.
With a rather busy (yet not too crowded) instrumentation it doesn't get boring. Both female and male vocals work together so well and shape the song into what it is.

Here are 3:22 minutes of sunshine for you!

Valley Shine online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube 


Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Valley Shine


  1. That is really a great song. :)
    How do you know, what I like? ;)
    Have a nice week.

    1. Mia, your comments are so lovely! Thanks so much for that and I'm so glad you're enjoying the music I'm sharing.
      Do you write a blog too? Would love to read it!

      Have a lovely week yourself! :)


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