Get To Know: Fifth Dawn

Hey guys!

I've been running this blog for almost 3,5 years now. Over the years house in the sand became a music blog with many different features. Some of them come to life online whilst others require me to go out and work with bands in person.

Since I'm still a rather young person, people at gigs often think I'm there because I think the musicians are cute and they often give me judgemental looks.
Well, I love nothing more than being picked up by the band, receiving my media pass, pulling out my equipment and proving people wrong. There's nothing more fulfilling than surprising people by being at a gig to work and not to fangirl, like you're expected as a young girl.

Just like I often am judge because of my age, I find that many young bands are underestimated.
And today I'm incredibly happy to showcase a young band which proves all stereotypes wrong!

Drummer Jordan of Fifth Dawn allows us all to get to know the band as he answers a few question.
Ladies and gentlemen, may the youth take over! 

Who are you?
We are Fifth Dawn, a young school age band from Western Sydney, consisting of Jordan Powell (drums), Samantha Faul (vocals/keys), Jamie Panucci (rhythm guitar), Mark Robertson (lead guitar) and Ethan Pye (bass guitar).

How would you describe your music?
It's hard to pin us down to a genre, as much as that would be clean and tidy. If we had to throw a blanket over it, we would say Rock. We have got various stylistic interests that we like to implement in our music, mostly based around Metal, Progressive Rock and Metal Core.

What does music mean to you?
As someone who's been drumming for almost a decade there's a lot more you can appreciate once you start to understand what's going on. I've always wanted some sort of outlet in which I could make use of the wide range of influences I've been listening to over the years, and with this band I can start cobbling it all together.

Your guilty pleasure song is? 
Me personally, there's about 8 gigs of my music library devoted to music from video games; chiptunes and pompous orchestras aren't in our line of work, can you tell? As for the other members, The Take Over, The Breaks Over by Fall Out Boy seems to be that song. We have recently added it to our set list as a cover taking it up a few semi-tones for Sam to really make it sound big vocally. 

What have you released so far?
We just released our 5-track EP, 'The Horizon', on the 19th of June 2015 in CD form and on all digital outlets! "Turbulence", our lead single from that EP officially released on the 7th of August 2015. We have started working on demos for new material which we hope will be available later this year.

What is coming up?
We are really focusing on promoting our EP and we have shows in Sydney booked for August and September including our very first International Support for Tony Lovato (Mest) touring Australia from the U.S. on the 9th of August at the Bald Face Stag, Leichhardt. The response to our sound has assured us that we are on the right track and we can't wait to release more new music over the coming months.

Fifth Dawn online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Fifth Dawn | Anwers: Jordan Powell of Fifth Dawn


  1. Great song. Keep Prog alive!!! Thanks to Vanessa for providing my "first contact" with this band.
    Greetz from the Eifel.

    1. Very happy to hear I could help you out finding fantastic music! :)


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