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Hey guys!

When people ask me what this blog is all about, of course my first answer is "music".
But sometimes it's nice to dig a bit deeper, so when it comes to a rather detailed explanation, the main goal behind this blog is to deliver great music introductions in a personal way.

I find it incredibly exciting to work on features which allow you to find out more about artists of all genres, from whichever part of the world. And I hope that you notice the personal and intimate theme I'm trying to create on here.

And today you're able to get to know an amazing new artist.

As always, these intros are a bit difficult to write since the artist is going to tell you everything you need to know.
But I'd like to mention that I absolutely enjoy the sound Reda offers; it's fresh, it's different and it represents an honest attitude towards life.

Now, go on and find out more about the act of the day, Reda.

Who are you?
 Hi, my name is Reda, I'm 23, I'm from Algeria. For those who don't know it, it's a country based in Northern Africa. I'm a musician and songwriter, I sing, play guitar, bass and just a tiny little bit of keyboard. I'm also a great dancer, but that's off topic haha!
Actually, there's not much to say about me but if I had to describe myself in a few sentences, I would say that I'm a young man trapped inside a tiny home studio, trying to translate through music, in the best way I can, all those bizarre feelings and experiences a young adult who's fresh out of college and doesn't know where to go or what to do next, goes through.

How would you describe your music?
 I would describe my music as being a "smudge" in the local, cultural and musical background, first of all, I write and sing in English, and that's like a third language after Arabic and French. Secondly, I find myself developing somewhere between Indie rock in general and British rock in particular, and that's way beyond the environment I live in and I grew up in. However, there is a certain community, that is very influenced by British and American culture amongst others, so I guess that's something that encouraged me to do what I do and helped me becoming what I am now, a north African English-singing indie rocker!

What does music mean to you?
It means everything! I think I've reached the point where it's nearly impossible for me to live without music. I love listening to music, I love making music, I love sharing it. Truly, a life without music is a complete tragedy in my opinion! Music is also an escape from reality, it's the most powerful therapy, helping me going through hard times, so yeah, music means a lot to me!

Your guilty pleasure song is?
I have many of those, I'm actually afraid of putting my iPod on shuffle mode in public, it's full of stuff I wouldn't dare to share with others, it's a sensitive subject! I, for one, categorize people according to their musical taste, so I wouldn't want anyone to know that I love jamming over "Toxic" by Britney Spears, I am ashamed of that to be honest. Great song though haha! 

What have you released so far? 
That's a tricky one, I haven't found any label yet so technically I don't have anything released, unless you count the stuff shared on Soundcloud. I do have many singles in store, but I'm not very familiar with the music industry, so I don't know if I should just splash it all on the internet or just wait to get noticed through social media, maybe a move to the UK will be necessary when the time comes...

What is coming up?
Depends on the opportunities I'll have, I'm all in for anything interesting that'll show up. In the meantime, I'll keep squeezing whatever comes through my head and make the best music I can and maybe an EP isn't that far away! 

Reda online: Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Questions: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Answers: Reda


  1. You're doing a very good job,I loved your music !
    People like you are the best representative of a certain community in Algeria I hope you'll be signed by a label.
    KEEP GOING !!!

    1. Hey Chakib, so glad you found this feature about Reda. He sure is fantastic and I'm happy to see you're supporting great music.
      Thanks for taking the time to write this comment! All the best!

    2. Reading this article was a real pleasur , you're doing a great job by promoting young talen like Reda regardless of their country.
      Thank you for sharing with us the talent of this artists ;)

    3. Very happy to read that, thanks so much! It does mean a lot to know that the work I do is appreciated.
      Can't wait to share even more incredible acts on here. :)


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