Gig Impressions: Martin and James at Weingut Künstler, Hochheim

Hey guys!

It often takes a certain event to realise how much you've missed something.
I think that's one thing quite a few people thought yesterday.

Sometimes you don't even seem to miss something until you do it again. And then you suddenly realise that you love certain thing and that you've missed it a lot.

One of house in the sand's favourite bands, Martin and James, played their first gig after a while.
I was very excited to be a part of it and document the gig for you guys.

Martin and James are an acoustic/folk-pop duo from Scotland.
The two musicians have been making music together for about 17 years now and are known for their handmade and meaningful songs.

Not only music critics and many fans praise them for their talent, but also acts such as Milow, Amy MacDonald and Taylor Swift have invited Martin and James to join them on tour.

Bad Dream (EP, 2008)
Wrong Directions (EP, 2010)
Martin and James (album, 2011)
Life's A Show (album, 2013)

Below are tons of photographs and a video of the guys performing a brand new song.

I hope you enjoy!

Yesterday, the 8th of August 2015, the duo played their first gig after a break.

With fans being used to them having a rather busy touring schedule, you could really feel how happy many music lovers where when they announced this very special gig after a rather long period without gigs.

The gig was part of Rheingau Musik Festival and it took place at Weingut Künstler in Hochheim am Main.
(For those of you who don't speak German - a "Weingut" is a vineyard.)

With the venue being a beautiful and intimate location and the weather being very summery, the evening was expected to be fantastic.

The two musicians showed up with three acoustic guitars (two six-strings and one twelve-string), a snare drum, a cymbal, a bass drum and a tambourine.

Both voices win you over individually, their harmonies give the songs so much depth and the instrumentals transport emotions in such clever ways.

Martin and James played two sets of 45 minutes and showcased a big variety of their songs;
from slow and emotional ballads such as "Bad Dream", to up tempo and light hearted hits like "Matilda".

The two guys threw together a clever and well arranged setlist. 

The duo sure knows how to entertain a crowd no matter what.

Throwing punchlines at each other, telling some stories behind the music they perform, teaching the audience their songs and even getting them to dance, that's all part of a Martin and James show.

And once again they've managed to make everyone laugh at their jokes and enjoy their music.

It's been a while but nonetheless Martin and James are still one of the best live acts I've ever seen. 

They don't just play music - they perform, they entertain and they transport emotions in a real and honest way.

But convince yourself, here's a performance of a brand new song which they partly worked out live on stage.
Feel free to come back in a few days for another live video. 

I really think this video showcases their signature performance: entertainment, fun and talent.

Martin and James online: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube
M&J - it was a pleasure and I really enjoyed seeing you again!
Thanks for having me and thanks for the continued support. 

I'm still very happy about my decision when it came to naming this blog. ;)

I think I'm not just speaking for myself, but for quite a few people when I say live music is something you guys do a bit more often again.

And of course a big thanks to Mr Ryan who is always a massive part of any M&J gig, whether he's there or not.

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text, Photography & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. So jealous! I miss Martin and James so much, and especially their gigs. Also, the photos turned out really, really amazing and the new song makes me hungry for more!

    1. Thank you so so much for your feedback, Jana! To hear that you like the photos means a lot!
      And I think missing this incredible band is absolutely understandable! x


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