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Hey guys,

it's time for another 'Spotlight On:' edition.
This time I'm going to introduce you the three piece band Go Long (!) from Ottawa, Canada.

Go Long (!) is an acoustic trio with influenced from jazz to folk to rock, to hip-hop.
The band consists of:

- Danielle Allard (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, ukulele, piano)
- Lucas Haneman (backing vocals, lead guitar, mandolin, banjo)
- Nicolas Crisafi (electric and upright bass) 

Danielle, Lucas and Nicolas found together after years of making music separately. Each of them started making music at a very young age. 

If you go and listen to their songs it really won't surprise you that Danielle is an award-winning vocalist .. I mean - guys really, listen to that beautiful voice!
The amazing instrumental parts let you know how talented Nicolas and Lucas are, both of them already released solo albums. (Lucas' album: "This is What's Up" | Nicolas' album: "Voir plus loin")

Their debut album released in September 2012.
It's called "Strings Untied" and features a mix of cover and original songs. 
Listen to some of the songs here:

- The Long Way  
- I Am Well
- Overwhelmed
- Black Velvet (Alannah Myles Cover)

Want more? Listen here!

Watch the music video for "Hurricane". It's brilliant!

So most of my regular readers probably know my music genre preferences and they also know that Go Long (!) fit in there perfectly. 
I love handmade music, well written lyrics, harmonies and great instrumental parts. And .. well - Go Long (!) just got it all! 

One in one: incredible band! Music industry, watch out - they'll be big one day. 

Links to Go Long (!):

Stay tuned for an interview with Go Long (!) soon. :)

Let me know what you think. ;)

x Vanessa

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  1. I like it when they did accompaniment in the vocal part!♥



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