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Hey guys,

time for another 'Spotlight On:' post, right? 
Today with a wonderful band called Dan meets Portland.

Dan meets Portland is a trio from Portugal and Germany, so their band name just completely makes sense - 'Port' (for Portugal) and 'land' (for Deutschland (German for Germany) ) but wait - why does Dan meet Portland? Who is Dan?

Easy question - he's one of the members:

Dan Dietrich (guitar and vocals)
Carlos Pereira (bass and vocals)
Julian Staehle (drums and percussions)

They mostly play folk music with different elements like rock and blues. 
The story of how they got together sounds, if you want to see it the cheesy way, like a little fairytale:
It began as a really random happening jam session on a Wednesday evening at a pub. The three guys got together and played a few songs and the band was born. 

So far Dan meets Portland released a promo CD including the songs
- Suffice It To Say

- That One Day
- The Flood

(to listen to the songs click on the title, you'll be lead to the myspace page)

Thanks to Dan I already own the CD! Whooohooo. :)

Dan, Carlos and Julian have been playing quite a lot of gigs in the past and I think I just heard the birds sing that they will play some gigs soon.

What can you expect live?

You can expect great original songs like "Suffice It To Say" but you can also expect cover songs from pretty much every genre. 
The great thing about seeing them live is - you never know what's next.

I was lucky enough to already see the guys perform live, you might remember the post I wrote about that day. (If you don't, here it is again: Dan meets Portland live.)

Watch some videos of the guys here.

Those of you who regularly read my blog or follow me on Twitter already know that Dan meets Portland is definitely one of my favourite bands. It's easy to explain why: they are passionate about music, they have talent, they're entertaining and they're super nice! :)

I can not wait to see them again this year. 

Here are the links to find Dan meets Portland:

It's your turn now, go and listen to Dan meets Portland, enjoy!

x Vanessa
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