Hey guys,

this is just a post to keep all of you updated with the news that I really think you should know.

First of all: Google Reader is going to be removed. 

Tons of you probably already know that because almost every blogger already wrote a post about it. I just feel like I should inform you, too. 

So there are exactly 113 people following my blog via Google Friend Connect to get informed whenever I publish a new post.
But since GFC is a feature by Google Reader this won't be an opportunity to keep yourself updated any longer.

But the wonderful social media/blogger world came up with a great site a while ago called bloglovin.com so you can follow my and of course other great blogs via bloglovin. 

There's this nice light blue and white button, just click on it and follow my blog. That would be lovely! :) (or click here )

Another thing you should know: you can now grab the house in the sand blog button. 
Why would you need it? Honestly .. I don't know. 
Maybe you want to link my blog on your blog? That would be highly appreciated and honored. (you can find and get the code for the button on the side bar!)

(note: there soon will be a page added for features. So if you ever linked my blog on your site, let me know and you'll be added there)

And maybe you wonder what's going on behind the scenes of house in the sand... 
Well I can tell you that I'm working on interviews, I'm looking for great new bands and solo artists to introduce you and I'm working on a few changes on here. Oh and I'll be soon doing a guest post on a very awesome blog.
Also I will get the chance to take professional pictures at a concert really soon which is so exciting.

If you know OR are a musician and you'd like to work with me for an introduction or interview then please do contact me. :)

I think you guys are now up to date. If there are any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you for everything!

x Vanessa

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  1. oh my gosh, i been so busy with life i didn't even know about that news, that's devastating! especially for people with thousands of GFC followers, and the worse part is not getting updates via blogger. urggh, i'm not impressed about removing Google Reader. thanks so much for the update! maybe i'll start using my bloglovin' again.

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
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