One sees the sun.

Hey guys,

as most of you know, I'm a massive Jim Kroft fan. 

Jim's music has helped me to go through tough situations in life, his words almost help me to understand certain things and to me Jim is a hero in so many ways.

So I was thinking what else besides buying his album twice, getting concert tickets and sharing the tour dates online I could do.

And well ... here's what I came up with:

Yes, I went out with my Mum (biiiiig thanks for driving me around the city all noon long!!! oh, and for taking the pictures!!!) and put the "Lunatic Lullabies"  tour poster everywhere.

Chose the bus stops, and lamps on the busy side walks.

As you can probably tell by looking at the pictures, I had loads of fun and I feel like I found some great spots to hang the posters up. 

So, I'm proud to say that my hometown is now plastered with Jim Kroft tour posters.

And for all of you, who don't get the luck to see the posters in real live,
here's the digital version again.

Go to MORE to find out where you can get tickets. ;)

I hope you enjoyed my "support trip" or however you should want to call this. 

x Vanessa


  1. Love this entire post and all of the photos you choose! Thanks for Photographs and Pictures of Sun

  2. Followed your blog, please check out mine? xx


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