Interview: Michele Fasciano

A day at the beach: the waves crash against the rock,
the sky colours the water light blue,
people lay in the sun and relax,
children run around and collect sea shells,
couples walk along the beach,
a family takes pictures for the family albums,

a few people build a house.
A house in the sand.
And as they build it, they talk about things,
things that go on in their lives.
And you are invited to listen to them.

Hey guys,

did you recognize the intro? Exactly, it's house in the sand interview time again! I am so excited to present you this interview today.
The very talented DJ Michele Fasciano from Italy took time and answered my questions. 

He is going to be the newcomer Electronic music fans are going to talk about soon! He's passionated, 
he's talented,
 he's got some fresh ideas 
and he's ready to conquer the music world.

Get to know Michele Fasciano by reading the interview.

house in the sand: How would you describe your music?

Michele: Good question, I think there are not enough adjectives to do it, I think it's just a way to express myself to the world.

house in the sand: When and how did you start making music?

Michele: Well, I started making music 'seriously' about one year ago. Firstly I was a dj but I didn't find anymore satisfaction in playing music that wasn't mine, so I started up producing.

house in the sand: Is there a specific reason why you make music? Do you want people to dance and feel good while listening to your songs? Is it a way to express yourself?

Michele: The only reason why I started and I keep making music is people. When I go to some big gigs, to listen to big djs such as David Guetta, I feel like in paradise, it's something unbelievable, hard to describe. Well, that's how I would like to make people feel.

house in the sand: When you remix a song or produce your own one, what is the process like? Is there a concept you follow? 

Michele: No there isn't. You know sometimes a melody or a bassline blows in my mind the whole day so I just decide to turn on the computer and write down the arrangement, sometimes I open my sequencer and I just try different things, actually that's the way I made most of my songs.

house in the sand: Are there any co-workers involved in your music or do you create it on your own?

Michele: I make all my music on my own. But lately I'm also producing with a friend sometimes, we teamed up as 'Out Of Phase', and I think a lot of good things are on the way with him, we've already released two songs and we're going to release our first official remix at the end of March.

house in the sand: What can we expect from you in the future? Are there any projects planned yet?

Michele: The only thing I know is that I've to work a lot and work hard, it's the only way to bring yourself in the world, it will be so hard to achieve but I feel that it will be possible. For now I can say that I'm working with a new Japanese label called TILE Records, I've already released a song on it and I think that I'll keep working with them for now. We're already talking about a future promotion on MTV Japan of my next single, 'One Hour'.

house in the sand: Where do you get your inspiration from? Are there any artists you look up to?

Michele: It might seem strange maybe but I get a lot of inspiration from rock music. 30 Seconds to Mars and Green  Day, to mention someone. But in the EDM (Evolution Dance Music) scene my mentors are definitely Hard Rock Sofa, Swedish House Mafia and Alesso.

house in the sand: Please complete the following sentence: I am Michele Fasciano and I ...

Michele: hope to make people fall in love with my music all over the world one day.

house in the sand: Is there anything else you want the house in the sand readers to know?

Michele: Yes, I wanna recommend this new electronic music world to people that still don't know it, because it's really able to give a lot of positive emotions.

house in the sand: Thank you a lot for answering the questions. It was a pleasure getting to know you better. I can't wait to see what the future has planned for you!

Michele: It was a big pleasure to talk with you too, thanks for the opportunity! 

Michele Fasciano - social media links:

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview. I definitely did and I really think Michele is going to be the next big thing!
Let me know what you think in the comment section below and of course make sure to listen to his music. :)

x Vanessa


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    1. Thank you a lot Christine! :)
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  2. He is Italian, is also very good :) I'm Italian. Thanks for yuor comment:)

    1. How cool! :) I guess you'll hear a lot about him soon. :)

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    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  4. Love this kind of interviews you make! Always interesting ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Maria! :) I'm glad to hear that. :) x

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