Video Of The Day: "Breathing" by dePresno

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In our new series, "7 songs", we celebrate those different emotions which are caused by music.
So many songs have the power to make us smile, cry or feel nostalgic.

And it's a lot of fun to think of those songs from the perspective of the listener - because you get to figure out what a song means to you.

But we tend to forget that those artists who wrote those songs, also feel certain emotions and connect them to those tracks.
Some might be written to deal with heartbreak, some might be written out of pure happiness.

And others might be experiments to change things up creatively.

The variety is big and that's what is so exciting.

Today we have a little "Video Of The Day" for you and can't wait for you to see it.

- Video Of The Day -
"Breathing" by dePresno

dePresno is a Pop solo artist from Bergen, Norway.

He was gifted his first ever guitar at the young age of four. Ever since dePresno has been growing a huge love for singing and playing music. Under the influence of his family, the young musician grew up listening to Dylan, Cohen, Marley and co.

His shyness made dePresno keep his love for performing to himself most of the time.
However, one of his brothers gifted him a day in a recording studio.
That day he recorded a cover version of Donovan's "Catch The Wind".

Soon things snowballed and dePresno played at festivals, got airplay from multiple radio stations and signed a deal with Sony Music Columbia Germany, which celebrated the release of his latest EP "Forever" last year.

dePresno is already working on new material and has just released a video for his most recent single "Breathing".

"Breathing" is that kind of song you're going to listen to on a Sunday morning, after you might've had a long Saturday night out.
You might feel a bit exhausted and fragile from the drink of your choice, but you don't regret anything.

It's a relaxed, yet still up-beat track - the dark beats are going to get your head bobbing.
(But don't over-do it or you'll get a headache..)
Modern synths take the lead and guide us through the song, whilst dePresno's voice tells the story in such charming and fantastic way.

His vocals are smooth, yet exciting and powerful. His tone is very warm, but he still makes the high notes sound so effortlessly good.

The video is super entertaining and suits the song so well. You might be able to relate to it, or you'll just have a good time watching it.

Check out "Breathing" now:

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dePresno online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: dePresno press kit


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