EP Review: "The Apartment Diaries" by City Of Sound

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Band: City Of Sound
Title: The Apartment Diaries
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative
Label: Independent
Release: 15th October 2016

City Of Sound are a three-piece from Los Angeles (CA), USA.
The independent band gracefully combines Indie Rock with Alternative elements, creating their very own signature sound.

City Of Sound are:
Jordan Wright (vocals, piano)
Andrew Leigh (guitar)
Lacey Ammar (voilin)

They have recently passed 10,000 streams on Spotify, played a headline show at LA's Molly Malone's and are currently working on an album.
On July 29th, City Of Sound will be opening for East Of Eli at the famous The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles.

Feel free to check out our review of their latest EP, "The Apartment Diaries" below.

1) Afterglow
2) I For One
3) Wasteland
4) The Show
5) Animus
6) Wake Up

EP opener "Afterglow" greets you with a stunning piano melody, which - fortunately - stays a part of the entire song. Soon the full-band sound comes alive and gives your ears a big hug, leaving you smiling.
Once the vocals join the gathering, nothing can go wrong anymore.
The song takes you on a journey through atmospheres and feelings, by changing the pace - going from soft and calm in the verses, to being loud and powerful in the choruses.

With "Wasteland", City Of Sound show us that they can also do dark and mysterious. 
The heavy percussions and howling guitar chords, paired with light piano notes and stunning violin notes, create an atmosphere which makes you want more.
The band knows how to draw sceneries with their instruments and manages to grab your attention right away.

"Animus" keeps the heavy percussions, but allows more light into the room. Said light comes in the form of an uplifting piano melody. The track is led by singer Jordan's vocals - varying from warm and soothing, to edgy and raspy.

To sum it up: "The Apartment Diaries" is a carefully crafted EP which shines bright because of all the passion and honesty that's been poured into it. It's an absolute joy to listen to and has left us feeling extremely excited for what is yet to come.

You should listen to these tracks: Afterglow, Wasteland, Animus

Learn more about City Of Sound below:

- stream "The Apartment Diaries" -
- buy "The Apartment Diaries" -

City Of Sound online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: City Of Sound


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