Album Review: "Herodias" by The Lunar Year

Hey guys!

Random thought - have you ever wondered what an album would be like, if it were a person?
Maybe this question sounds like I've had too much to drink, but hear me out.

I think albums do have personalities.
Some are brutally honest, some cheer us up with their lightness, others allow us to be (passive) aggressive with their heavier traits and some just make us cry because of how melancholic they are.

So, if your favourite album was a person - would you be friends?

(Maybe this intro is a bit weird, but let's not dwell on that.)

Today we'd like to introduce you to an album, we would definitely befriend!

Band: The Lunar Year
Title: Herodias
Genre: Alternative
Label: Independent
Release Date: 16th June 2017

The Lunar Year are an indie-rock band from Philadelphia, USA.

The band are:
Katie Burke (vocals, piano)
Steve Heine (guitar, vocals)
Zach McCaw (bass)
Kevin Walker (drums)

The origins of the band's sound can be traced back to singer&songwriter Katie's childhood, which was shaped by multiple acts and genres.

With a love for The Beatles, Billy Joel and The Beach Boys, but also a huge interest in the Classical and Romantic era, the band's style is very open minded.

You'll find honest and personal lyrics, as well as relatable stories in The Lunar Year's repertoire.

Their single "Porcelain", aka the most beautiful song you've heard in a while, has reached over 145,000 streams on Spotify so far.

And now, we are so excited for you to read our review of their debut album "Herodias".


1) Parachute Lung
2) Wolves
3) Backyard Deck
4) Hey Mister Gray
5) The Brigade
6) Blue and Orange
7) Heady Love
8) Saturn's Rings
9) Porcelain
10) As Your Own
11) Herodias
12) Sirens

The album greets us with the strong, yet fragile "Parachute Lung".
The dark piano couldn't be more mesmerizing if it tried. As soon as you hear the first chords, you know you're about to witness something great.
The second singer Katie's vocals hit you, you'll feel completely paralyzed - unable to do anything but listen to her and the stories she has to tell.
A dynamic build-up unfolds the song and makes you want to keep it on repeat for days.
D A Y S.

One of the most charming tracks on the album is "Blue and Orange".
It reminds me of a Sunday afternoon, soft sunlight and carefree moments. The vocals lead us through the track, whilst the piano accompanies us the entire time and makes sure we feel comfortable and allow ourselves to dive into the music.

I remember when I first heard lead single "Porcelain" after finding it in our submissions inbox. I couldn't handle the beauty of this track and had to listen to it on repeat. Once we got to celebrate our fifth birthday with Katie's stunning performance of the song (watch here), the tears started to escape my eyes.
It's one of the most beautiful ballads we've discovered in a while; the calm piano paired with Katie's expressive vocals - it just gets us every time. The instrumentation is kept very simple - it's the piano, lead vocals, backing vocals and a light rhythm section. And honestly - that's all that's needed!

To sum it up: There's definitely a noticeable theme on "Herodias" - every track stands out and fills you with so many emotions. This album has easily made it onto our list of favourite debuts - I mean, how could it not?
The Lunar Year are a strong and talented band and we simply cannot wait for what is yet to come.

You should listen to these tracks: Parachute Lung, Heady Love, Blue and Orange, Porcelain

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: The Lunar Year


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