Video Of The Day: "See You Soon" by dePresno

Hey guys!

I love watching music videos.
I just think it's super fascinating to see how a song is being turned into a visual piece of art.
There are so many different ways music videos are being shot nowadays and it's so cool to watch a story unfold in video form.

Whenever I see a good video, I remember how glad I am to have the "Video Of The Day" feature, so I can share these pleasing creations with you.

Today I'd love for you to check out dePresno's brand new video for "See You Soon".
We got to have a little chat back two months ago - you can listen to it here.

dePresno is a Pop solo artist from Bergen, Norway.

He was gifted his first ever guitar at the young age of four. Ever since dePresno has been growing a huge love for singing and playing music. Under the influence of his family, the young musician grew up listening to Dylan, Cohen, Marley and co.

His shyness made dePresno keep his love for performing to himself most of the time.
However, one of his brothers gifted him a day in a recording studio.
That day he recorded a cover version of Donovan's "Catch The Wind".

Soon things snowballed and dePresno played at festivals, got airplay from multiple radio stations and signed a deal with Sony Music Columbia Germany, which celebrated the release of his latest EP "Forever" last year.

"See You Soon" is a fantastic song on its' own. The beats and synths create such unique atmosphere and highlight dePresno's warm, deep and expressive voice.

The video was shot near dePresno's hometown Bergen in Norway.
Switching between outdoor and indoor shots, we get a good glimpse of the stunning scenery Norway has to offer.
Elements of vintage items - such as the old telephone and TV - add a lot of charm, class and "old school vibes". And let's be honest - who doesn't love some vintage throwbacks?

Sound and cinematography work together so beautifully; the shots and the editing compliment every little beat of the track - which isn't the most common thing. Therefore your eyes and ears will appreciate it.

Alright. Now go on and check out the video for "See You Soon" below!

dePresno online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via Sony Music 


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