Behind The Song: "Headlights" by Wild Domestic

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One of many perks of receiving lots of emails every day, is that you always know what's going to happen soon.
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2017 isn't even a month old yet, however, we can already tell that it's going to be a good one for the music lovers.

To waste no precious time, let's all dive into 2017's sweet releases with an exclusive Behind The Song feature!

Wild Domestic is a solo project by Matt Carlson.
Born in Paraguay, raised in North Carolina, where he still resides, Matt Carlson has always known music was his true calling.

Matt started playing various instruments in his teenage years. He immersed himself in the arts, learning how to play guitar, bass, drums & keys mostly by himself. Acting in plays and commercials and playing in multiple bands.

Influenced by bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Arcade Fire, Matt mixes indie rock with sprinkles of alternative rock.

In 2015 Wild Domestic released his self-titled debut EP.

His brand new EP, "Singular" just got released.

Today Wild Domestic is here to chat about his song "Headlights" which you can find on "Singular".

"This song is one of my favorites on my new record, "Singular". "Singular" is somewhat of a concept record and "Headlights" is the pinnacle of its scenario.
It is about anger and frustration over relationships getting the emotional "best of you".
Of course it is based, to some extent, on past experience.

The song is the oldest one on the record. I wrote it while finishing up the mixing on "Wild Domestic", my self-titled 1st EP. I really liked the idea of using a synth line instead of a physical bass, so I came up with that chord progression, but no lyrics.
I called it "Headlights" with the intention of changing the name later, then put it on the back burner and sort of forgot about it.
It wasn't until I started writing "Singular" that I pulled the song back to the forefront to see if it fit sonically.

The concept of the new record is a character driving to their ex-significant other's house to pick up their belongings. In context of the story, "Headlights" is that common point where a couple reconnects for that one painful last time and things get heated.

In "Headlights", the character pretty much loses their cool and lets all the bad feelings and frustration out on the ex. The anger is heard in the lyrics, "I hope the headlights leave you burning down."
The scenario doesn't end here, but plays out through the rest of the record, which I hope you'll give a listen. Thanks!" 

Wild Domestic online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Text (about song): Wild Domestic


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