Behind The Song: "Growing Apart" by Darren Campbell

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My favourite thing which I learnt during my journalism studies, was that you have to publish the kind of work you would like to read yourself.
I've always kept that in mind but sometimes had to remind myself to focus on the content I'm genuinely interested in.

Ever since I've fallen in love with music (which was ages ago), I always wanted to know more about the stories behind songs.
Back then I didn't have the chance to just ask the artists.

But now that I have, I'm definitely making use of it.

That's why there's another edition of our "Behind The Song" feature today.

- "Growing Apart" by Darren Campbell -

Darren Campbell is a singer/songwriter from Dundee, Scotland.

His sound casually combines the classic singer/songwriter elements with fresh sparkles of Pop music.
He has been making and releasing music for a while now and keeps on writing and recording.

Today Darren is here to chat about his recent release "Growing Apart":

"'Growing Apart' is a song I wrote about change.
At the time of writing, I didn't really feel distant from anyone close to me, with the exception of my brothers who had moved to New York. I still lived in the same city as my parents and childhood friends.
The song is more about knowing that as life goes on, you will eventually miss the people that are close to you as life takes you all on different journeys and to different parts of the world."

Check out the music video for "Growing Apart" here:

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & about the song piece: Darren Campbell


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