Song Of The Day: "Living In The City" by Rhys Lewis

Hey guys!

Have you ever found yourself in a relationship with a city/town/village?
Well, I could probably write a book about that topic.

I have a love affair with Berlin and a messy love/hate relationship with my hometown.

Maybe a lot of people, whose careers depend on where they live and the opportunities that place brings with it, can relate to this.
Small towns are calm, comforting and maybe really beautiful. Yet, it's difficult to work in the entertainment industry ... because, let's face it, there isn't much demand for that.

So if you're stuck in a small town, you start dreaming of living in a city.

However, cities can be too loud, too crowded and too demanding.

Either way, there are pros and cons and sometimes it just all gets too overwhelming.
That's when a songwriter writes a track to cope with those thoughts and feelings.

And that's exactly what Rhys Lewis has done.
And we're glad he did.

Rhys Lewis is a singer/songwriter based in London, UK.

His sound is going to make every classic Soul lover's heart beat - combining Soul with elements of Folk, Rock and Blues, Rhys is quickly creating a signature sound which will draw your attention to his work.

Spending most of the past year in studios in London, Nashville, Stockholm, Los Angeles and Berlin, the young musician has been writing and recording songs for his upcoming debut album.
His debut single "Waking Up Without You" hit #1 on Spotify's Viral Chart and reached 170 000 streams within two weeks.

Rhys Lewis is now here with his new single, "Living In The City".

"Living In The City" starts off with a three warm and comforting piano chords, accompanied by Rhys' equally warm and comforting voice. Subtle percussions as well as soothing backing vocals join the party and add more layers to the song.

It seems Rhys' songwriting is all about plot twists; he strips it back to voice and piano for the chorus before throwing an attention-demanding bass line our way. It's that bass line which lets you know this track is going to launch into something huge.

Bass and percussions create a beautifully supportive rhythm section and underline the intensity in Rhys' voice.

Towards the end, the song quickly builds up and becomes this anthem-like hit which will make you sing along in no time.
The gospel choir blends in perfectly and sets the scene in such energetic and soulful manner - you can't help but let it take you on this musical journey.

His debut single "Waking Up Without You" already gave us a clue of what Rhys' voice is capable of - switching from smooth and souly to raspy and smokey in such classy way.
"Living In The City" just keeps proving that he's not just a skilled songwriter, but also knows how to use his voice by effortlessly reaching high notes and transporting emotions through his voice.

Rhys Lewis has a thing for painting vivid images with his lyrics.
Whether you're in any form of a relationship with a city/town or not, you'll find yourself understanding those feelings after listening to this track.

"Living In The City" is one hell of a song and got us even more excited for the upcoming album.

Until we get to hear that, let's just hit the (re)play button.

Get the song: iTunes | Amazon
Stream it: Spotify

Rhys Lewis online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: via WMA Agency / Decca Records


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