Video Of The Day: "Which Way To New York" by Robbie Cavanagh

Hey guys!

Back in January I went to Manchester.
One thing you have to do when in Manchester, is going to an open mic night!

I highly recommend the one at The Whiskey Jar on Tuesday nights. (It seriously made me want to move there.)

Whilst being there I got to see so many fantastic musicians; Liam McClair, James Holt, Lee Parry - just to name a few.
Another incredibly talented musician I got to meet that night was Robbie Cavanagh.

Robbie Cavanagh is a singer/songwriter from Manchester, UK.
Robbie's music can be genrefied as Acoustic as most of his songs are guitar and vocal based - yet there's more to him than that.

His album "The State Of Maine" consists of handcrafted, storytelling and relatable songs presented as interesting and lively tracks.

The musician keeps releasing fantastic songs as well as touching music videos and is gigging his way through the UK.

Before I share the music video with you, I'll just let you know that it really touched me. I've already told Robbie, so I might as well tell you - it made my cry.

"Which Way To New York" is a gorgeous track to start off with. The calm, acoustic guitar based song is definitely going straight onto our next "comfort songs" playlist.
The backing vocals create soft and enchanting harmonies, whilst Robbie's lead vocals lead you through the song.

The music video for "Which Way To New York" is probably the most beautiful video I've seen in months.
Camera work and story line are nothing but spot on. They compliment the song so well and present the two main characters in the best light possible.

It's incredible how powerful this video is, how close it brings you to the song and how simple it seems at first.

You should definitely watch this now!

Robbie Cavanagh online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Robbie Cavanagh


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