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Hey guys!

I'm very excited to share our new writer, Liam McClair's first piece that he wrote for us.
I absolutely enjoy reading Liam's reviews on his own website (link below) and I'm super happy to have him write for HITS as well.

Please check out Liam's website as well as his music- house in the sand is a big fan of both.

Liam online: Music Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

Now, without further ado, please dive into the 3 tunes you need to hear.

"This Is Why I Need You" by Jesse Ruben

Atmospheric guitar sounds greet us as we begin the journey through "This Is Why I Need You".
The guitar is ambient, calming and creates a pulsing rhythm that is the perfect bed for Jesse Ruben's crips vocal. His lyrics are heartfelt and precise, his use of 'You' as the protagonist allows us as the listener to sink into the tone of the track and become fully immersed in his charm.
As we delve deeper into the tracks, the accompanying instruments create layer upon layer of soothing and swaying sounds.
There is a lovely reverb that continues and it helps to highlight the romance and sincerity in every line. Ruben's vocal style is effortless, the words flow out of him so naturally.
 It's as if he was talking and his delicate delivery acts as an enticing force, bringing you closer and closer as he expresses the stakes and importance of you in his life.

Jesse Ruben online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

"Everything's Great" by Nick Witzeman

Brimming full of personality and expression; "Everything's Great" starts at a gallop with frantic piano chords and a driving kick drum.
 Enter Witzeman's vocal, controlled and majestic it soars above the chords with passion and a rich tone. He has a wonderful manner in his expression and "Everything's Great" sounds though it has come straight from a Broadway Musical. It is full of character and the content of the song is personal and confessional, allowing us an insight into his wry and precise mind that has given us a song; at 1:00 that packs in more than many manage in 3 or 4 minutes.
Due to its length you will continue to listen back again and again to here every minutia of additions and vocal harmonies that highlight certain sections and the intricacy of the guitar.
This track is a gift that keeps on giving.

Nick Witzeman online: Facebook | Bandcamp

"Peachy" by Kasakela

"Peachy" is punchy and grabs you by the ears from the very beginning.
 Rigorous and raw, Kasakela combine lyrics of the people with a delivery that has confidence and clarity with killer guitar riffs. The chords progression is intelligent and catchy, acting as a solid foundation for the rest of the creativity swelling around it. Kasakela show good use of dynamics throughout the song, allowing the listener to travel through each section and creating a clear distinction in sounds.
Full of confidence and swagger, this track is unrelentingly catchy. I defy anyone to hear this track without having the melody in your head for days to come. Combining rock riffs with indie hits, the band is making a sound which is distinct, passionate and one which has a strong future due to its honesty and faithfulness.

Kasakela online: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

This is it!

We hope you enjoyed those three tunes as much as we did.
Let us know what you think!

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Credits // Text - Review: Liam McClair | Text - Intro & Image: Vanessa Jertschewske


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