Gig Photography: Revolverheld at Porsche-Arena, Stuttgart

Hey guys!

I think the best thing about running a blog is the opportunity to discover new stuff all the time.
Obviously, house in the sand is all about sharing new music with you, the wonderful readers.

But the cool thing is, a lot of the music I share with you is new to me too.
Sometimes I stumble upon artist and bands that I just have to share with you,
and a lot of times I receive emails which introduce me to new music.

Just recently I got invited to see Revolverheld, a German band.
I knew them and their music, just not very well at all.

Excited and curious of what their show was going to be like, I made my way to Stuttgart to watch and photograph the band at Porsche-Arena.

You'll be able to find all the photos below.

Hope you enjoy!

SUPPORT ACT: Julian le Play

Julian le Play is a singer/songwriter from Vienna, Austria.
His music can be genrefied as German Pop.

On stage Julian managed to showcase the main elements of his music; the storytelling lyrics, the vivid choice of words, the light and lively pop arrangements and his slightly soulful voice.

Between the songs, the musician took time to tell stories- stories of how he met Revolverheld, stories behind the songs.
His charming and friendly way of chatting to the audience was well received.

The music fans were really into his performance and started clapping along right away.

Julian le Play online: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

MAIN ACT: Revolverheld

Revolverheld are a Pop-Rock band from Hamburg, Germany consisting of Johannes Strate, Kristoffer Hünecke, Niels Grötsch and Jakob Sinn.

They've been going since 2002 and have established themselves a large and loyal fanbase in and around Germany.

Their show at Porsche-Arena was an impressive one.
With the tour being entitled as the MTV unplugged tour, the theme of the show was very cinematic.

The show opened with a snippet of the MTV special being screened on stage.
It was a host talking about how people often worry about the future and think too much about the past, so they end up forgetting to live in the "here and now".
His speech was meant to remind people to enjoy the show, to leave their worries behind for the evening and to just celebrate being there.

Revolverheld's stage presence is "on point". Each member of the band was in the spotlight and it all seemed very harmonious.
They opened their show on the b-stage of the venue, a small platform where they performed five acoustic tracks.

Heading to the main stage after the first part of the evening, the band doubled the amount of energy.
With an amazingly suitable backdrop on stage and an extended band behind them, there was nothing missing.

Revolverheld delivered a spot on performance, they entertained the massive arena audience with ease and made it pretty obvious, why they've received a lot of hype this far.

Revolverheld online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

With special thanks to Sony Music GER.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske | **thank you to Sony Music GER for providing a ticket and photo pass to house in the sand


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