HITS exclusive: "Heart On A Wire" by Martin Kelly

Hey guys!

Over the years I got to film quite a few performances.
A lot of them were filmed in backstage areas, dressing rooms and living rooms.
But my favourite shoots are outdoor shoots.

It's always so much fun to wander around to find the perfect spot. You never really know what you get and that's pretty cool in my opinion.

Today I'm happy to present you a lovely HITS exclusive performed by Martin Kelly.

Martin Kelly is a musician originally from Scotland, now based in Berlin, Germany.
He is one half of house in the sand's favourite duo, Martin and James.
With the band being on a break, both individuals are now making music on their own.

Martin's music combines honest songwriting which could remind you of Simon and Garfunkel, clever guitar riffs and melodies, and a voice you won't forget.

So far he shared a few of his new songs online (find all his links below!) and sold a five-track EP on the road.

This performance was filmed in February when Martin was touring Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
We filmed it in my hometown, on a little bridge in the woods. (Well, I wasn't on the bride. Click here for a little behind the scenes impression.)

Now, enjoy Martin Kelly perform one of his new songs "Heart On A Wire" for house in the sand.

Martin Kelly online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

As usual, massive thank you to Ryan and Martin. Was a blast to wander around town with a dying camera battery!

Thank you for your visit!

HITS online: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Credits // Text, Image & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske | Video intro (audio) & performance: Martin Kelly


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