Access All Areas: Chris Pate at Riffelhof, Burgrieden

Hey guys!

Every now and then I get a message of Chris Pate saying something along the lines of "Yo! I've got a gig. Let's travel."

Pretty much everytime I end up fixing the guest bedroom and arranging lifts and train rides.

I love travelling and it's pretty obvious that I love music, therefore I always enjoy being able to do things like that.

This time Chris got asked to support Purpendicular (a Deep Purple tribute band) ft. Ian Paice (Deep Purple's drummer) at Riffelhof, Burgrieden (GER).
Instead of just sharing the gig photos with you, I've decided to do another "Access All Areas" feature where you get the chance to sort of travel with us.

Who is Chris Pate?
His friends will introduce him as a “music making mad man”, his fans will tell you how incredible his music is and critics will point out what Chris Pate stands for: honest, storytelling and often critical lyrics, expressive and dominant vocals and controlling instrumentals.

Chris Pate is that kind of musician who will walk into a room, spot a guitar and immediately pick it up to jam away.

He’s passionate and has always been; the musician started playing the guitar at the age of 14, with Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’ being the first song the left handed guitarist learnt to play.

Besides Nirvana, Led Zeppelin and Oasis, Chris’ music is influenced by a wide range of acts. Growing up in the Liverpool area, Pate proves one stereo type: the love for the Beatles.

Knowing that Chris Pate has been into music for many years now, it won’t surprise you when you find out that eight years of his music life were spent as front man of Liverpool based rock band The Arkanes. Together with his band mates, Chris regularly toured Germany, Switzerland and Austria building a loyal fan base by putting on energetic live shows. 

The band broke up in Summer 2015, but Chris never lost his passion for music.
So now he's writing, recording and touring pretty much all the time.

Below are (probably far too many) impressions from the little travel and music weekend.
I hope you enjoy!

 19th March: After being stuck in traffic for what felt like a century, we got to my place and made vegan burgers with sweet potato fries. (#yum)

20th March: Off to Burgrieden in full "manager mode". (No, those beer bottles did not belong to us.)

20th March: The train journey took longer than expected which was alright since I got to listen to some new songs. Dear CP fans, you're in a for a treat!

20th March: Soundcheck at Riffelhof, our home away from home.

20th March: After soundcheck we filmed two performances which will be online soon, so subscribe to HITS on YouTube to get a notification once we post something.

20th March: Show time!

Whenever I see Chris on stage, I remember why about four years ago, The Arkanes won me over with their fantastic music.

His solo music has the same quality and therefore it's no surprise that he's still kicking ass on stage.
Chris knows how to control a crowd and how to present his music in a suitable way.

20th March: Chris' view on stage.

20th/21st March: My good friend Katy came down and basically saved the merch desk from a crisis.
We owe you big time, dear!

21st March: When the lad takes a selfie whilst you're trying to have breakfast...

21st March: My mum came to pick us up, so this selfie is very necessary.

And that's it!
I hope you enjoyed this insightful post and felt like you were a part of the fun.

At this point we'd like to say a massive thank you to the Riffelhof team for taking care of us and for inviting us over. Can't wait to be back in May!

And of course, I want to say thanks to Chris for taking me along on those adventures, it's always fun to travel with you. I might make fun of you all the time, but I'm really proud of you for doing what you love the most.

Chris Pate online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Buy Chris' recent EP here.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske, Chris Pate


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