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Hey guys!

I think one of the main things I love so much about working on house in the sand is the variety it offers.
Not just in genres but also in tasks for me as the editor.

When people ask me what I do, I never go "oh, I'm a journalist". I mean, I am a journalist, but I am also responsible for all the media you see on house in the sand, such as concert photography as well as the video content. 

Even though I never really expected to grow into videography, I find myself working behind and in front of the camera every now and then.
The videos became a part of house in the sand and I'm very happy about that.

We've had some lovely video moments in the past and since there are quite a few more of you reading nowadays, I'd like to share some of my favourite videos with you.

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Let's look at some of the highlights.


November 2013 | Interview: Jim Kroft & Martin and James

Oh my, I think this was easily the funniest interview we've done so far. The quality is terrible and has improved so much, but still this interview is one of my favourites, simply because we had such a good time filming and I think that's quite obvious.

February 2014 | Concert documentary: Martin and James

This was my first "big deal". Martin and James have been so supportive from minute one and never turned down any of my ideas. This will sound cheesy, but it allowed me to grow into what I'm doing, to try out new things and to work with incredibly talented people.
In February I was invited to two of there shows and filmed between load in and the actual show. It was an amazing experience.

February 2014 | Best Of: Birthday Countdown 2014

In February 2014 the Birthday Countdown was born. This project consists of 28 videos throughout the month of February to work towards the blog's birthday. 27 acts performed a song exclusively for house in the sand's birthday and it was absolutely amazing.
This video is a best mashup of all birthday wishes.

March 2014 | Exclusive Performance: Jim Kroft
The absolutely wonderful Mr Kroft took time to perform, film and edit a song for us. This artist has been a massive inspiration for me ever since I first met him, so to have his work on the blog, is an extreme honour. 

May 2014 | Interview: Ben Barritt

I was in Berlin to work with my friends The Arkanes. Since time allowed it, I also met up with Ben Barritt to film an interview together. One thing I've noticed when working with Ben is that we always wander around places to find the perfect spot. And that there are a lot of unintentionally funny moments.

August 2014 | Exclusive Performance: Dan Dietrich

Who would've thought being working as a media person would lead to filming on a farm.
I went to Darmstadt to visit my good friend Dan Dietrich who later that day played a gig which happened to be at a farm.
Together with his mate Julian (and a choir of cows) he performed a beautiful song for us.

October 2014 | Stage Time With: The Arkanes

Another trip to Berlin, another time filming with the lads of The Arkanes. They played a show at SO36 and I followed them from the backstage area onto the stage. Get an idea of what it is like to walk onto a stage in a sold out venue.

November 2014 | Interview: Jamie Lawson

When I go to shows I love doing a bit of research on the support acts before the gig. Jamie Lawson who supported Ed Sheeran on tour caught my attention and so we arranged an interview.
After almost getting lost in the corridors and saying hi to Ed, we chatted about a few interesting topics. 
Little did we know Jamie Lawson would be the first artist to be signed to Ed Sheeran's label.

January 2015 | One Million Special: Outtakes

In December 2014 we hit 1 000 000 page views on house in the sand. What an incredible number! It felt amazing!
Of course I wanted to try and treat you guys with a special video for that occation. The result of that was a compilation of all outtakes and bloopers we had from the videos filmed before. I had such a good time editing all the material into this hilarious video.

February 2015 | Best Of: Birthday Countdown 2015 (performances)

Another year of blogging was over and this blog turned 3 years old. Of course that meant we'd have to celebrate with another edition of the Birthday Countdown.
I have never worked harder on any project and I've also never had more fun working on one. All artists involved made me so proud and were such a pleasure to work with.

April 2015 | Interview: RDGLDGRN

Whilst touring the country with The Arkanes, we had a day off in Berlin.
But a blogger isn't a blogger if day off's aren't used for work!
The offer to interview RDGLDGRN (redgoldgreen) was there and so I went to the Virgin Music office to chat with the band.

July 2015 | Exclusive Performance: Westopher Baker

Our newest addition to the video library was the talented Westopher Baker performing his song "Strange Days" exclusively for the house in the sand audience. Me oh my, this is a tune! 

And that's it for now, but there are going to be more videos coming up soon.

I am so excited to grow into this even more, especially because I know the coolest audience in the world is watching!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane and are as excited as I am.

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text, Image, Videos: Vanessa Jertschewske | certain videos include work of the performing artists


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