Gig Impressions: Ben Barritt at Stoffel, Frankfurt


Hey guys!

Thursday evening; the sun is still up, people are wearing shorts and dresses, kids are running around, large groups of friends and strangers are sitting down together and are having a few beverages and there's music playing.

Not just music from a radio, but live music on a lovely stage.

Sounds like a gorgeous evening, doesn't it?
Well, it was.

Earlier this week I went on a very spontaneous roadtrip to Frankfurt to see the talented Ben Barritt play.

We've been filming together a couple of times (results can be seen here and here) so I knew photographing him on stage would be a lot of fun.

Ben Barritt is a musician based in Berlin, Germany.

As a guitarist the variety of genres he plays is incredibly wide - from touring with Americana singer/songwriter Erik Penny to touring and recording with indie folk-rock artist Jim Kroft - Ben does it all.

His own sound blends an impressive amount of genres; from soft and calm acoustic tunes, to folky rhythms to souly jazz songs with sprinkles of rock and r'n'b.

Originally being from London, England, a lot of his songs tell stories about the little things at home: walking through the dark streets on the way back from the pub or using the London underground to see the person you love.

A few of those stories can be found on Ben's EP "Sundial", but he's about to share even more of his music on his upcoming debut album "What Would You Like To Leave Behind".

Below are some impressions of Ben playing at Stoffel in Frankfurt am Main.

Since I've been filming with Ben a couple of times, means I've also heard him play before, yet this gig was the first time I actually got to watch him perform on stage.

It was so nice to see the way Ben interacts with the crowd and manages to entertain his listeners in such charming and light manner. With his incredible German he sure impressed everyone.

The setlist was a clever mix of slow ballads and up tempo tracks; whilst the calmer songs invited you to simply listen and think about their meanings, the faster songs asked you to dance and clap along.

Ben's vocals are warm and expressive and very well used to transport the stories he tells. 

Most of the time the acoustic guitar accompanies the vocals, but at times the two instruments seem to duet with eachother.
The way Ben Barritt composes his songs makes them work so well.

The atmosphere at the festival was so lovely.
 Everything took place in a gorgeous park called G├╝ntersburgpark. Little food and drink stands, blankets on the floor, benches in front of the stage - it couldn't have been cuter.

Big up's to the team who organised it with such incredible concept - the entry is free and the prices for food and drinks were absolutely okay.
It's amazing how this event is happening by people donating and sponsoring it.

I guess it's just another proof how much people enjoy get togethers with live music.

It was a pleasure to photograph this gig because, like so many times before, I had every creative freedom I wanted and was able to capture so many lovely moments. 

I really hope you enjoy the impressions!

Many thanks to Ben for the nice evening including surprisingly German catch ups, lots of laughter and tomatoes! It was fantastic!

Now go and have a listen to Ben's music! 

Ben Barritt online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

More of Ben Barritt on house in the sand: video interview | exclusive performance | ep review

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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