Album Review: "Springtime For The Flaws" by The Flaws


Hey guys!

Album artworks are lovely things.
 Sometimes they show the artists, sometimes they are drawings, sometimes they are photographs of things.

But in most cases they represent the sound you hear when you listen to the record.

When you look at the artwork above, what do you think the record sounds like?
Indie? Folk? Blues? Maybe something completely different?

Well, let's find out!

Band: The Flaws
Title: Springtime For The Flaws
Genre: Alternative, Indie
Label: Arrival Records
Release: April 2015
HITS rating: 7.5/10

The Flaws are a four piece from the countryside of Ireland.
Their music marches into the alternative direction.

In the band are:
Paul Finn (lead vocals, guitar)
Shane Malone (guitar)
Paul Mallon (backing vocals, bass)
Colin Berrill (drums)

In 2007 things exploded for the band. With their debut album they entered the Irish Top 20, played Glastonbury, Electric Picnic and Oxegen and took a little break afterwards.

Things soon continued with another album and a lineup change within the band. After a while the band went on an open ended break.
Reconvened in 2013, The Flaws continued making music and started writing their latest album ("Springtime For The Flaws") which they recorded themselves to have more creative freedom and full control over their sound.

"Achieving Vagueness" (2007)
"Constant Adventure" (2010)
"Springtime For The Flaws" (2015)

Let's chat about their latest releases, "Springtime For The Flaws", which they sent me a copy of.

1) Going Ariel
2) Blow Your Hair Back
3) That's What You Get
4) Animals
5) Fortunate
6) Disappoint & Go
7) Don't Lie
8) Tryouts
9) Water Riots
10) Shake Your Bones
11) Ourside

The album welcomes you with a track called "Going Ariel", an energetic and quite groovy tune. The indie/alternative sound is very present on this song; it showcases the band's strenghts in such clever manner.

"Animals" is one of the songs that just stand out. 
It stands out because it surprises you in an absolutely enchanting way. It starts off very calm; the focus is on soothing guitar picking and soft vocals. You're prepared for a folky ballad, which it kind of is - yet the chorus wins you over with a powerful instrumentation and beautiful harmonies.

The Flaws don't just do one sound - once you got familiar with their calmer sound, they shake you up with rockier sounds. "Disappoint & Go" is the perfect example for that - the riffs get darker, the rhythm section puts on more pressure and the vocals seem to have more grip on the song than before. Here's your danceable track! 

To sum it up: In my opinion "Springtime For The Flaws" should be called "Springtime For Everyone", simply because the records transports the light and simple atmosphere Springtime brings with it. The instruments and vocals collide together in such effortless way.
It might be Summer now, but a little Spring feeling never hurt nobody!

You should listen to these tracks: Going Ariel, Animals, Disappoint & Go

The Flaws online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: The Flaws


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