EP Premiere: "Ghost" by Winter 1982

Hey guys!

It seems like I've been starting a lot of posts saying "I'm very excited" lately.
Well, I just really am excited about the content I get to produce on here.

Today is quite special though, so the excitement is pretty high.
We've got another premiere on house in the sand.

An EP premiere to be exact.
That means you guys are the first people to listen to the EP, exclusively on house in the sand.

The EP we get to premiere is called "Ghost" and it's by Winter 1982.

Winter 1982 is a project of musician Phil Barber from Birmingham, England.

Influenced by acts such as Ray Lamontagne, Jeff Buckley and Kings Of Leon, Winter 1982's sound could be described as soulful folk with sprinkles of alternative and bits of indie.

house in the sand is a massive fan of the incredible vocals which vary from smooth, soft and warm to smoky and soulful, the meaningful lyrics and the atmospheric instrumentals.

Main man of Winter 1982, Phil took some time to tell us more about the writing and recording process of the "Ghost" EP and even mentioned where he gets his inspiration:

"Ghost is about a lot of things but I think broadly it's about human flaws. It's about depression, loneliness, vulnerability, desperation but also maybe finding a certain beauty in those problems and imperfections. There's a striving for complete happiness in the popular media and online, but we should experience the full spectrum of emotions ; it's very human to not be happy sometimes and it's the lows that give you a reference point for the highs. Life is definitely beautiful but it can be painfully dark too.

The songs came together over the last 8 months really. Some of the songs are autobiographical, or at least personal in a sense, and some of them aren't. Not that I'm not invested in all of them, because I am and I think that's important for a writer, but some of them don't describe my own story, perhaps someone else's. I like music that has depth, I like songwriters that seem like they are giving something up to put it in a song and I've tried to do that I suppose.

I write mostly alone, just on a guitar. I record little things all the time, I have hundreds of little snippets of ideas, some that become songs, some that don't. I have to record them so I don't forget them. It might be a small as the phrasing of a particular word or lyric or an entire melody, but I record them when they come and slowly a song emerges.

Once it's fully formed I've been working with Ryan Pinson at RML studios. That's where we build the songs up from their acoustic form. I take an electric guitar with me with ideas of how to build them up. I like things that are cinematic, brooding and it tends to take that direction. Ryan is an incredible producer, a great drummer too and layed down the drums and percussion on a couple of tracks. He is so easy to work with and brilliant at interpreting what direction you want a song to go in."

And now that you know a lot about the EP, you better go and listen to it.

I am incredibly proud to premiere this EP for you because I know that so many of you are going to love this EP. Keep an eye on Winter 1982, you'll soon see why.

NOTE: Due to blogger and bandcamp not working with each other, please click the title to listen to the songs:

1) Ghost
2) So Slow
3) Friend
4) Sometimes
5) Lost At Sea (bonus track, shows when you buy the EP on bandcamp)

Winter 1982 online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | co-written text & image: Phil Barber


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