Release Of The Day: "Sucker" by Jonas Brothers

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In case you missed it - the Jonas Brothers are back.

Now, depending on your age, you might've been a part of the Jonas Brothers fandom multiple years ago.
Personally, I have been a fan since my early teens, so to feature the reunion track on HITS today feels very surreal and exciting.

And now the trio of brothers have reunited after six years.

We don't often copy press releases, but in this case, we want to make sure you get to hear the story from the band themself:

"The road to new music for the Jonas Brothers began a little more than a year ago, with discussions about what form a reunion might take.
But before those discussions could get too far, some healing was necessary.
The trio announced a split in 2013, after four studio albums, two Disney TV movies, two seasons of a TV series, and non-stop touring had made them into a phenomenon that more often than not drowned out the music itself.

But though all three agree good things have come from the split, there were still a lot of feelings to work through.
"We were having conversations we'd never really had,"
says Joe. Adds Nick, "We did a lot of healing as a family. Healing that was long overdue."

All three brothers are quick to say that from the moment they picked up some acoustic guitars and sang together again, a feeling they'd missed for far too long instantly returned.
"That's when everything became clear to us: how we were going to write songs, and what they were going to be about," says Kevin."

Curious what the reunion sounds like?
Buckle up and join the party! 

- Release Of The Day -
"Sucker" by Jonas Brothers

"Sucker", in very few words is, groovy, catchy and on-repeat-material.

In more words - it's a comeback that has gone very right.
Each indivual has grown immensely and has brought something to the new, modern sound.

With Nick & Joe continuing their musical careers even after the band ended their path in 2013, fans have been able to follow their individual journeys throughout the years.
"Sucker" combines the soulful  R'n'B vibes Nick has gone for with his solo music, with the funky alt-pop we got to hear from Joe's band DNCE.

The soulful and smooth vocals from both lead singers, Nick and Joe, compliment each other just as well as they compliment the contrast you hear in the instrumental.
With both vocalists switching between solo parts and harmonies, you get to hear the different dynamics unfold as you travel through the track.

The overall vibe of the track is rather minimalistic;
the track is very riff-driven and combines traditional guitars, bass and drums with modern synth and percussion elements.
"Sucker" gives a nod to the current pop music world, while still maintaining a very traditional band sound.

"When I'm next to my brothers again, even just in a living room playing old songs, I can't express the happiness it brings me.", says Joe - and we are sure fans both old and new can very quickly pick up on that happiness.

"Sucker" is proof that Nick, Joe & Kevin have gone with the times and were able to make this modern sound their own.

Watch the video for "Sucker" right here:

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Credits // Words (except quotes): Vanessa Jetwash | Image & Quotes: Jonas Brothers via Universal Music


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