7 years of HITS: announcement

Hey everyone!

If you are reading this on February 28th of 2019 - you are reading this on our 7th anniversary!

It's a big day for us today - for multiple reasons.

Since this means we have a lot to tell you, we'll just start right away!

1) We've just turned seven! That's a big deal!


I'm not kidding, I still remember Feb 28th of 2012, the day I started HITS.
I vividly remember sitting in my room in my childhood home, googling how to start a blog.
In the background I had Martin and James music playing, because they were the band that got inspired me to start this blog.

For those of you who don't know the story; I first saw Martin and James supporting Taylor Swift back in 2011. They played their song "Wrong Directions" and I immediately fell in love with the track.
Roughly one year later I got to go to one of their headline shows and it blew my mind.
Even now, seven years later, it remains one of my favourite live shows I've been to.

After said gig, I wouldn't shut up about how brilliant that evening was and how talented this band was.
Eventually people around me got bored of my ramblings and I decided that I needed a new audience to tell the story to.
And so, there I was, googling how to start a blog.
The only blog knowledge I had at that point was reblogging photos of the Jonas Brothers on Tumblr.

When it came to naming the blog, I knew I wanted to use a line from a Martin and James song.
I remember flicking through the album booklet, reading the lyrics and stopping when I read the line; "I'll build my house in the sand until the waves knock it down"
I knew that was the one - "house in the sand".

I quickly typed it in, wrote the first ever post and HITS was born.
And now, seven years later, we're still here. That's crazy.

2) We've made a magazine!!!


Wow, it's out there now. Wheyhey.

About nine months ago I decided to start working on the first draft of this idea to make a magazine.
It started very slowly but then suddenly picked up pace and became something I knew I had to do.

Along the way, I was able to bring my incredibly talented friend Chris Stringer on board,
who now is the co-creator of house in the sand magazine.
He is a vital part of this magazine and I hope that you will welcome him with excitement.

Our magazine debut is as special as it could possibly be.
We have gathered some of our olds friends and found new ones along the way.
This magazine features some of our favourite artists and we've talked to them about topics which showcase the human side of the entertainment industry.
Together with these brilliant musicians we've talked about the environment, dealing with anxiety, making your health a priority and just so much more.

We left every single interview feeling smarter and more hopeful.

And we hope that you will feel the same way.
We want to give you something that's going to make you question things, learn things and most importantly, allow you to get closer to your favourite artists.

The magazine is up for pre-order now and will be shipped after April 7th.
By pre-ordering right now, you actually can us out with financing the printing costs - which would mean the world to us.


3) We've just launched our very first merch shop!!!

W O W 

That's right! More cool stuff!!!

After years of wanting to share some merch with you,
we are finally here with three shirts & one hoodie for us all to wear.

By buying any of the apparel, you again contribute to the printing costs for the magazine.

The items will get printed & shipped immediately, so you don't have to wait long for them to get to you.

In case you decide to buy a shirt or hoodie,
please feel free to share a photo of you wearing the item with us - we would love to see you represent house in the sand.




By coming here and reading this post, you've made a brilliant decision because you've managed to find the spot where all the details are listed.

Should you want to see the slightly chaotic but very excited video we've filmed to announce this - we've got you.
It also includes a little thank you message for you.

Check out our announcement video right here:

We are so glad that this secret is finally out and we can share this magical process with you now.

To stay up to date on all things HITS mag, follow us on social media:
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Thank you for your support!

Vanessa & Chris


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