Playlist: ultimate girl gang

Hey everyone!

Happy International Women's Day!

While having a day dedicated to us, doesn't really change much -
it's a good way to remember that there is a lot of work yet to be done.

We think that if you are here reading house in the sand,
you already know that we haven't reached equality yet & we also think that you know what to do to make this world a better place for women.

We want to use this day to shine the spotlight on some of our favourite ladies,
so we made you a playlist featuring some badass music making women.

You'll find the list below,
but we actually made you two more lists - one including some of our favourite bloggers and one including some of our favourite photographers.

ultimate blogger gang:
Dale at Peanut Mixtape
Savannah at The Music Mermaid
 Abby at Indientry
 Nessi at carpe carmina
Katrin at In Bed With 

ultimate photo gang:
 Saar de Graaf
Melissa Rodriguez
 Sam Lichtenstein
Gabby Ames
Carolyn Lederach
Janet Eckles
The Photo Ladies

Here's our ultimate girl gang playlist:

What do you think of our playlist?

Which badass ladies do we still need to add?

Go tell us about them!

Thank you for your visit

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jetwash | Graphic: Chris Stringer ft. Vanessa Jetwash


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