Behind The Song: "Theft" by Flourishless

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- Behind The Song -
"Theft" by Flourishless

Flourishless is the singer/songwriter duo consisting of Paul Gerlinger and Phillip Valentin from Mannheim, Germany.
Their sound is a broad as their interests are; while Paul loves focusing on words and rhyming, Phillip is the one constantly working on melodies. Their voices combine with such ease and create a force that can present just about any topic to you.

Flourishless won first place in the German songwriting contest, "SONGS", were a part of a coaching programme for chosen local bands.
In 2018 they released their debut EP, "Looking At The Walls" and have been gearing up to gig all around the country.

For us, the duo took some time to chat about their latest single, "Theft", and shared all some insights with us.

Here's what Flourishless told us about the track:

"The background:
Time flies while we meet new people, it just passes without something special happening.
Every now and then though we find somebody we come to think we can't live without.
Sometimes it turns out well and these feelings and thoughts may be mutual, but sometimes what started in a beautiful way can turn into a devstating experience. In the case of "Theft" I captured my inner conflict while being in a relationship with someone who took my heart by storm, but was never able to return the same. It's the fight between the thoughts of giving everything for nothing, for the sake of loving someone and the fear of diving deeper into despair.
When everything seems hopeless, you got to stop caring for the safety of your heart and soul. This journey from being in love, to having doubts, to just stopping to care, is the lyrical theme of the song.

The writing process:
Writing "Theft" I felt the urge to do something a little different to what I did before.
Regarding the guitar it was the first time I actively tried to write a fingerstyle part with a little melody lying in-betweenthe chords and their changes. It was quite fun to figure something out that used the melodic elements of the chord changes to create an independent melody using the picking pattern. Other than that, it was more of a lyrical approach to express my thoughts like most of the songs I write.
Most of the time I see myself more as a poet of the spoken word with a guitar than a full-blood musician.

Recording it:
When we recorded "Theft" in the RAMA Studios in Mannheim, it was the third song we approached. It was our first EP and we did not really have any concept on how to record the music we wrote, which microphones to use or even what instrument to start with. It was a great experience to figure all that out in the studio. Our beloved engineer put around eight different microphones around my guitar and me and we spent quite some time figuring out the right choice of placement and gear.
The same thing went on when we recorded the vocals - here we finally decided to use a really old microphone from the 50s or so to record our voices, which turned out to be a pretty good choice.

After the EP was already out, we started collaborating with some more musicians and decided to add some strings to the recording, which was an idea I actually had for a long time but couldn't realize due to a lack of instrumentalists in my surrounding. We did that and the result was quite great, so we decided to shoot a little video for this song."

Watch the video for "Theft" right here:

Flourishless online: Website | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words (intro): Vanessa Jetwash | Image & Words (about song): Flourishless


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