Gig Photos: Post Animal at The Empty Bottle in Chicago

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Our Washington based photographer Gabby was on the trip to Chicago and ended up taking a few photos at the Post Animal show.

You can learn more about Gabby here. Please also make sure to follow her online:
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So let's learn more about Post Animal now!


Date: 4th August 2018
Venue: The Empty Bottle, Chicago (US)

Headliner: Post Animal

Post Animal are a band from Chicago, USA.
They describe their sound as Heavy Psych Pop - and honestly, they've nailed it - both, the description and the sound.

Even though they formed in 2014 and only started touring in 2017, the band convinces with confidence and dedication to their craft.
Post Animal was formed by childhood friends bassist Dalton Allison and guitarist Matt Williams when they met keyboardist and guitarist Jake Hirshland.
Over time three more members, drummer Wesley Toledo and guitarists Javi Reyes & Joe Keery completed the band.

They got their start playing DIY basements and small rock clubs and soon released their first EP, "Post Animal Perform The Most Curious Water Activities" in 2015.
Staying on top of the wave, they then put out a singles collection - "The Garden Series" - in 2016.

Their bio states: "Between their impressive early releases and their wild live shows which feature the band members sharing lead vocal duties, Post Animal have unquestionably solidified themselves as one of Chicago’s most exciting up-and-coming acts.
Having taken that intensity across the country, touring with bands like Twin Peaks, Wavves, White Reaper, and more, Post Animal have found they are happiest when playing to a room full of fellow music-lovers. As a result, they are road tested and stronger than ever."

On April 20th of 2018, Post Animal released their highly anticipated debut record, "When I Think Of You In A Castle" via Polyvinyl.

The album "is the product of six friends creating music they love, even if the circumstances weren’t always in their favor. “Before this album, we weren't sure what the future of the band was going to look like. I was considering moving to Los Angeles and Joe [Keery] was off filming Stranger Things. We didn't know where we were all going but we knew we wanted to make an album with all of us in the same room,” explains Toledo.
Being the first time all Post Animal members recorded together, the album’s collaborative spirit is more-than-evident throughout its 10 carefully curated tracks. Even Keery, who’s no longer an active touring member of the band due to his skyrocketing acting career, was integral to the album’s inception."

Now, we could give you an indepth review of the album - but we could also put it plain and simple, so that's what we'll do:

Post Animal put out one of the finest debuts we've heard in a while and "When I Think Of You In A Castle" makes us dance, sing and chill. Oh, and swoon over the brilliant arrangements.

Check out "Gelatin Mode" right here:

Post Animal online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


Alright guys - now it's your turn - let us know which Post Animal track is your favourite!

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Credits // Words (except quotes): Vanessa Jetwash | Quotes via Post Animal on Facebook | Photography: Gabby Ames


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