Release Of The Day: "Head Held High" by Kodaline

Hey guys!

There are artists and bands who just continuously release brilliant tracks.
You know the kind - those tracks that always seem relevant, let you feel understood and spark hope and excitement.

When I think of the list of musicians who fit that description, a lot come to mind - and one of them is Kodaline.

It's no secret that team HITS is always ready to hype up new releases the day they're out,
so today is no different.
We immediately fell in love with Kodaline's new track and we can't wait for you to hear it.

So let's check it out!

- Release Of The Day -
"Head Held High" by Kodaline

Kodaline are a four piece from Dublin, Ireland.

Their sound is ever-evolving, going with the times and discovering new dynamics all the time - but to genrefy it for you, we'd use the word Alternative.

Kodaline are:
Steve Garrigan
Mark Prendergast
Jason Boland
Vinny May 

2015 was a whirlwind for the band; they released their fantastic second record "Coming Up For Air", played tons of festivals, performed with Ed Sheeran and continued touring.

They then slowed down the touring side of things and started writing and recording new material.
Soon they released single "Brother" (and made everyone cry with it) and later on in 2017 they dropped their latest EP "I Wouldn't Be".

Since early 2018 the band has been sharing singles off of their upcoming album "Politics Of Living", which will be released on September 28th 2018.

So far the band has released:
EP: The Kodaline (2012)
EP: The High Hopes (2013)
LP: In A Perfect World (2013)
LP: Coming Up For Air (2015)
EP: I Wouldn't Be (2017)

And today we're get to listen another new track, "Head Held High".

The band recorded it on a rainy day in London - and we don't know how they did it considering the circumstances, but the song sounds like pure sunshine.

It doesn't take longer than 10 seconds for you to realise that the song is here to brighten your day and make you sing along. (Both goals will be achieved by the end of the track, you just wait!)

It's a song about the lows of life; granted not the lowest lows, but those moments that just frustrate you, bring you down and leave you feeling defeated. We all know those moments.
Sometimes "you wonder if you're gonna live or if you will survive at all" and sometimes we all love wallowing in self pity. It's human.

But there are those times in which we kind of want to pick ourselves up and get on with life.

And that's where Kodaline come into play - they've only gone and wrote a song to cheer us all up.
"Head Held High" is that ray of sunshine in mp3 format that we've all been looking for. Whether you are already in a good mood and just want to enjoy the upbeat track for what it is, or if you're actually feeling down and are looking for that one track to improve your mood, this song is the one.

The way the band has combined their signature sound with new elements shows that they go with the times while staying true to their sound.
When we think of Kodaline, we think of harmonies and songs that make us feel something. They've once again created exactly that, but added a few more elements to surprise us.

And well, we're holding our heads up high.

(Note unrelated to review: if you ever feel low, scared or confused - there is always someone to talk to. You can either reach out to your family, friends or to a help line - here's a list of international help lines for you to call.)

Listen to "Head Held High" right here:

- pre-order the album and download "Head Held High" instantly -

Kodaline online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Kodaline


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