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We are big believers of "why just listen to one genre, when there are so many great genres?".
And that doesn't just apply to music.

There are so many talented creators out there, who provide the web with incredible entertainment.
So why only read one website or watch one YouTuber, when there are so many great ones?

Variety shapes your own opinion, it allows you to grow as a person and it's just bloody interesting to have a variety of things.

So below is a list of creators which we adore.
The list will be updated from time to time, so make sure to check back. 

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Sounds Good | music blog

Definitely one of my personal favourite music blogs out there.
Writer Adam just knows how to describe music and he does it in such entertaining, yet clever way.
When you read the latest posts on Sounds Good, you feel like you're sitting down with an old friend who always knows how to present new music in an exciting way.

I can't wait to see this website grow and I highly recommend you join the journey!

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RAW CREATION | videography

Everyone who knows me a bit better, knows that I'm completely fascinated by videography, but I'm also terrified of it.
Videos are so powerful and they have a life of their own. And it takes a lot to master the craft of creating videos which make you feel emotions, no matter what they are about.

The first RAW CREATION work I've seen, was a 15 seconds clip for Instagram, which Ardalan Aram (founder of RAW CREATION) filmed and edited on the spot.
Editing footage from an intense recording session into 15 seconds sounded impossible to me.
And then RAW CREATION came along and nailed it.

Whether you're looking for a videographer to work with, or just want to watch beautiful videos - this one's for you.

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The Photo Ladies | music photography collective

Social Media is a powerful tool- and it's also useful as hell.
Back in Summer of 2015, I was scrolling through my "explore" page on Instagram. I stumbled upon a fantastic concert photograph, posted on an account called "The Photo Ladies".
Of course I had to check out the account.

After visiting their website and learning about what they stand for, I knew I wanted to be a part of this collective. And I got to be just that.
Ever since I've joined this group, I've been constantly inspired by these talented and kind women.

Check out all the links below, you won't regret it.

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Carpe Carmina | music blog

Of course, my interest in music blogs is huge - I love knowing what other bloggers listen to and how they treat the industry.
Carpe Carmina is one of those blogs that just soak you in.

Owner Nessi Holt is a wordsmith.
 There really is no other way to describe her talent to work with words. She uses words I've never even heard of and it's the most exciting thing for me - because I get to learn something.
Carpe Carmina educates you whilst sharing fantastic music with you - it's honestly a "win-win".

p.s. even the English readers will stumble upon impressive words.

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In Bed With | music & book channel

I sometimes joke about how I get to interview cool musicians whilst being in my own home.
(Skype is a great thing!)

Katrin from In Bed With took things to another level and gets to interview acts in bed.
 I mean, that's just genius.
 Her interviews are unique and just super entertaining.
I love how her different approach brings such an intimate dynamic to the interviews and allows you to find out more about your favourite musicians.

In Bed With also focuses on books, so this channel offers something for everyone.
It's brilliant.

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Bitter Sweet Symphonies | music blog

Another brilliant music I've been following for a decent amount of time.
It's always a joy to visit Bitter Sweet Symphonies which is run by Charlotte, a lady with such great taste in music.

On this website you'll find interesting features, excellent reviews and a big variety of music.
With a great layout, all articles are so much fun to look at and read - visiting Bitter Sweet Symphonies is definitely a pleasant experience for all music fans.

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Such Great Heights | music podcast
Not too long ago I've discovered the beauty of podcasts.
It's really pretty amazing how you can learn something new, or just be entertained, by listening to a recording.
In the beginning I was mainly listening to comedy podcasts, but then Such Great Heights came around and made me a happy person.

Such Great Heights is a music industry podcast, hosted by industry blogger Sunny Stuart Winter - who knows a great deal about how this mad music world works.
Each episode features an exciting guest and allows you to take something away, which you might not have known before. It's super interesting and informative to listen to.

Make sure to listen to it - it's so easy to just listen to something rather than having to watch or read.
(But still ... visit blogs. Please. Haha!)

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LEISE/laut | music blog

For some reason I don't read many German blogs.
Not, because I have a weird boycott going on - but mainly because I haven't found many blogs I like.
But there is one music blog, I just adore. And it's LEISE/laut. I know that a lot of our readers are German or understand the language, so I hope that you'll take the time to check out this marvelous blog.

Founder Katharina knows a great deal about writing, interviewing and presenting. All those qualities make LEISE/laut a wonderful platform to learn more about what's going on in the charts and outside the charts.

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____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | music blog

The German blogging scene is actually more alive than I originally thought.
Isn't that cool?
As I was recently organising the first ever house in the sand gig, I was introduced to André who runs the online magazine. He shared our event and even came down to watch the show, which was so cool! Not being the only blogger in the house is brilliant.

So if you are German, or speak German, this website is definitely one for you. You'll learn more about all the bands and artists you should know about and you'll even see plenty of gigs you might want to attend.

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small sessions | music channel

One thing I love about Berlin is that you'll always meet new and cool people.
At said house in the sand show, I was also introduced to one of the team members of small sessions.

I knew that I knew them, but once I got to sit down to do my research for this very bit, I realised just how many of their sessions I had already seen. Some I've even used to prepare my interviews.

So, it totally makes sense for them to be featured on this page.
If you love acoustic sessions - which I'm sure you do because we feature a lot of them - small sessions should be the next YouTube account you subscribe to.

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- this page will be updated whenever we find new gems -


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