Video Of The Day: "Walking On Fire" by LOWES

Hey guys!

I guess one of the biggest joys of being a music fan,
is discovering pure talent.

There is so much of it out there and whenever we get to hear about another talented band or another talented solo act, we get all excited and type up something on here.

Considering that house in the sand is our own archive of music we love - and isn't that cool?
It makes me so happy, that you guys join us and allow us to share those exiciting finds with you.

So instead of risking another super emotional and cheesy intro by moi, let's dive into the music.

- Video Of The Day -
"Walking On Fire" by LOWES

LOWES are a four piece from Lancaster, UK.
Their sound combines Indie and Pop with hints of Alternative and a whole lot of uniqueness.

The band met in Lancaster's local scene just a little over 18 months ago and soon started writing, recording and producing songs together. Releasing their debut single "Awake At Night" themselves, the band quickly got a lot of attention and recognition.

LOWES are:
Evie Plumb
Jamie Walker
Luke Paget
Oliver Kane

They first released, "Here We Are", the first track off of their upcoming debut EP "Elements".
LOWES directed the video for it, wrote the concept and shot all scenes themselves, creating a music video that couldn't represent the band better if it tried.

Later on they shared their second single "If You Leave Me Now", a mesmerizing ballad which has had us speechless.

And now, they are here with their new music video for "Walking On Fire",

so let's check it out.

"Walking On Fire" is an expressive, powerful and controlling track.

Controlling, because it controls your attention and does not let go of it.
It's one of those songs that can't be played in the background, just because it demands your full attention - and you'll gladly provide it with such.

An element that makes you recognise LOWES almost immediately is the rhythmic guitar paired with the guiding drums.
Those elements seem to be the red thread that is woven through the choruses and verses and they allow you to sink into the familiar feeling of the LOWES experience.

Piano, bass and lead guitar work together to surprise you every now and then, all of course without throwing you off of the wave you're riding.

And Evie's vocals are the leading force that tie everything together, always controlled and always expressing emotions aplety.

Watch the video for "Walking On Fire" right here:

- buy and/or stream "Walking On Fire" -

LOWES online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: LOWES via Sony Music GER


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