Song Of The Day: "Black Hole" by JØUR

Hey guys!

Happy Monday!
Are you enjoying the week?

I read the news this morning, and besides all the absolute madness all over the planet, it also said that we're expecting a heatwave over here this week.
I am not too thrilled about that - but I'm prepared and have decided to dedicate this week to sitting at the desk, typing away.

It defintely sounds more inviting than all-day outdoor shoots.

So, prepare yourselves for hot (literally) updates this week.
Let's see what I'll get done in this heat.

We're warming up (literally) with an extremely cool (not literally, but cool as in hip) track,
which I'm super excited about.

- Song Of The Day -
"Black Hole" by JØUR

JØUR is a singer/songwriter from Minnesota, US.

We usually read the artists' bios and then sum them up to give you the quick run-down in our own words.

But this time we would love for you to read JØUR's official bio:

"JØUR is contrast. head vs heart. light vs dark. clear vs obscure. minimalism vs complexity. analog vs electronic. 
All of these elements, often pitted against each other, find themselves simultaneously alive and true in a beautiful paradox on JØUR’s newest releases. In the space between loud and quiet, power and serenity, JØUR dances boldly yet delicately. Her deeply contemplative lyrics are framed in accessible alt-pop sensibilities and beats.
 Songs which ask the questions of life’s purpose or express doubts about the future are yet winsome and inviting as JØUR’s vocals flit between angelic delicacy and explosive power. Pairing electronic minimalism with elegant musical composition, JØUR achieves what is both timeless and relevant."

Now why did we let you read this?
Because it's exactly what we would've written, but it's worded a lot better. 

Listening to one of JØUR's tracks is enough to fall in love with her sound;
it's exciting and it allows you to discover more.

Her latest single "Black Hole" is a statement track which we all need on our playlists.

JØUR's vocals are the one element that stays on the same level of attention-grabbing from start to finish.
While the cleverly arranged instrumental ebbs and flows, giving the track space when it's needed, the vocals draw you in with every note.

JØUR's voice gently tells the story of being in a toxic relationship in the verses, while in the chorus the catchy and relatable words almost act like a reminder to ourselves - all delivered with a soaring and controlling voice. 

To sum this up real quick for you; this track is gold and you need to hear it.

Listen to "Black Hole" right here:

- stream the song here -

JØUR online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: JØUR | *quote taken from JØUR's website*


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