Song Of The Day: "Innocence" by Riley

Hey guys!

Do you know those kinds of songs which just soak you in with their presence and the way they are presented?
I'm sure you know them.

And I know them - yet whenever I stumbled upon a track like that, it just blows my mind.
I love how music can take over our emotions and I think we need to celebrate those songs as much as possible.

So that's exactly what we will be doing today - are you ready?

- Song Of The Day -
"Innocence" by Riley

Riley is a singer/songwriter from California, US.

She writes about topics that matter to her, allowing her music to be honest and almost autobiographical.

Riley says about the song; "When I was younger, I suffered abuse by the hands of an older man. Being able to sing out my confusion and frustation made me confront some upsetting truths about my past. "Innocence" is about seeing these issues face-to-face and a way to heal from them."

And she did that in the most powerful way.

"Innocence" is a big track.
It's powerful and it's empowering.

Although it starts off calmly with just Riley's voice and an acoustic guitar, the song soon develops a more dramatic vibe and soaks you in with all it's power.
The acoustic guitar stays present throughout the entire song and guides you through the track, while Riley's extremely powerful vocals take the lead.

You see, we have used the word 'power' multiple times here, but there just is no other word that would describe the song well enough.

Riley reclaims her power and it shines through the track with so much strength.
The layered backing vocals give the song an anthem like vibe which it suits so well.

To not ramble on about the power of the song or another half hour or so, we're just going to leave you with the track.
We think you'll love it!

Listen to "Innocence" right here:

Riley online: Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify

Thank you for your visit! 

Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via I Can't Wait For Summer


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