Song Of The Day: "Free" by Dylan Cassin

Hey guys!

My favourite thing about running my own website, is being able to upload something whenever I feel like it.
Nobody tells me what to do or who to feature- it's my decision and that freedom is probably the coolest thing to have if you work in a creative industry.

Being able to work with well known artists such as Jack Garratt, Kodaline or The Vaccines, is also pretty damn great. It means I get to build an even bigger audience and it means that I get to work with musicians whose music I enjoy.

Yet, the thing I enjoy doing the most, is featuring my friends, knowing that they'll end up with a few more listeners.

I'm pretty happy that I'm in this group of people who are all so annoyingly talented. It's just fabulous to watch everyone doing all these fantastic things.

Today I want to share a little live recording by one of my annoyingly talented friends!

Dylan Cassin is singer/songwriter from Liverpool, UK.
His sound is walking on the fine line between Acoustic and Pop-Rock before settling down for Alternative.

Dylan played lead guitar and sang backing vocals in house in the sand's favourite band - The Arkanes. Unfortunately the band broke up last year.

However, Dylan hasn't stopped making music.
In fact he sang a song for our fourth birthday earlier this year, he's been gigging in the Liverpool area and is currently working on new material.

Just yesterday he released a live recording of his newest song "Free".

The song greets you with the sounds of a warm and delicate acoustic guitar. The soft finger picking in the verses and the light strumming in the chorus compliment Dylan's voice.
His vocals lead you through the song and grace you, the listener, with intensity and honesty. 

A melancholic harmonica ties all elements together and gives the song even more grip.
The lyrics are storytelling and relatable and showcase Dylan's songwriting skills.

"Free" is a beautiful song which you all need to have on your playlist!

But have a listen yourself!

Dylan Cassin online: Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Photography: John Latham


  1. Wow! Kodaline! ♥ Soo nice!
    That song is soo beautiful. :) I really like acoustic music.
    I wish I had more time to read your blog more frequently!
    I really like especially this whole "song of the day" thing.
    Keep up the great work.
    Greetings, Mia ♥

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Mia!
      Kodaline were a joy to film with. :)
      So glad you like Dylan's track- he sure is fabulous!

      Come back whenever you have the time! :) x


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