EP Review: "Forever" by dePresno

Hey guys!

You know what genuinely excites me?
When artists who are rather young get to shake up the music industry.

I know when I started this website, my young age sometimes was an issue. And it annoyed me, but luckily it never stopped me.

To see artists have the confidence to do their thing makes me excited to be a part of this generation.
Today I get to review an EP by an up and coming artist who is still very young but is already showing us how talented the 90s kids are!

Artist: dePresno
Title: Forever
Genre: Pop
Label: Columbia
Release date: 14th October 2016
HITS rating: 8/10

dePresno is a Pop solo artist from Bergen, Norway.

He was gifted his first ever guitar at the young age of four. Ever since dePresno has been growing a huge love for singing and playing music. Under the influence of his family, the young musician grew up listening to Dylan, Cohen, Marley and co.

His shyness made dePresno keep his love for performing to himself most of the time.
However, one of his brothers gifted him a day in a recording studio.
That day he recorded a cover version of Donovan's "Catch The Wind".

Soon things snowballed and dePresno played at festivals, got airplay from multiple radio stations and signed a deal with Sony Music Columbia Germany.

And now he's here with his new EP "Forever", which we're going to chat about today.

1) Stranger in Disguise
2) Hide and Seek
3) Souvenir
4) Forever

Opener "Stranger in Disguise" welcomes you with beats and synths- two elements you'll meet again and again. Paired with dePresno's baritone voice and a beautifully enchanting piano, this creates an interesting and thought provoking contrast. The song plays with dark and light elements and creates a vibrant depth which allows the listener to dive into every detail.

"Hide and Seek" has to be one of the catchiest songs I've heard in a while. dePresno's vocals carry the atmosphere of the song so effortlessly.
Whilst the verses are kept in a very mysterious light, the chorus breaks out into a danceable tune which will make you move those hips.

To sum it up: The "Forever" EP is an EP for everyone who can appreciate modern beats and also has the gift of finding the little details in a song.
dePresno proves that you can gracefully combine classic singer/songwriter elements with synths and beats.

You should listen to these tracks: Hide and Seek, Souvenir

If the video below is unavailable in your country, try this link.

dePresno online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Check back for an interview with dePresno coming up in a few days. :)

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: presskit dePresno


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