Behind The Song: "Weirdos and Freaks" by Honey and Jude

Hey guys!

I absolutely love music which was written in order to help people.
Music is such a personal thing and I'm sure we can all relate to a lot of songs in very emotional ways.

Music is powerful and it allows listeners to unwind, forget, relate, cry and laugh to.
And because here on house in the sand, we love everything that has been created for a beautiful reason, we've made it our mission to present those songs to you.

Today we have a band here to chat about a fabulous track.

Honey and Jude are a duo from Los Angeles, USA.

In their music the two singers combine drama, sunshine, edgy vibes and blend it into a bubbly Pop sound.
The songs Honey and Jude have released so far have all been well received. Everybody needs some LA sunshine to listen to and these two know how to deliver it. It's amazing!

Today the duo is here to chat about a song they've recently released, called "Weirdos and Freaks".
It's a very special song and I'm super excited for you to learn more about it.

Here's what Honey and Jude have to say about it:

"Weirdos and Freaks" is a very special song for us. We wrote it for our fans who are currently experiencing and have experienced bullying in the past. With lyrics like "here's to the weirdos and the freaks; we don't pretend, we just be who we wanna' be", we hope to empower people everywhere to be true to themselves and to be proud of what makes them different.

The song came about one day when we were perusing through Facebook. We saw a post from a fan where he was talking about how he was being bullied and how defeated he felt. He wanted to give up on school and give up on people, in general.
We started noticing a trend amongst our fans where they were posting about how they were being called names and made to feel like freaks. We felt like it was a cry for a help that we wanted to help answer, in at least some small way. We wrote the song "Weirdos and Freaks" that same day, and have been on a mission ever since to help make a difference and assure victims of bullying of their personal worth.

Because we have experienced the negative effects of bullying personally, being authentic during the recording process was important to us. It was fun, because we got to be super spunky and rebellious when we sing lines like "you're just not worth it and I ain't got time." We imagine these are all the kinds of things any person would want to say to their bullies, but just never had the chance or the platform to.
We hope that people will think of this single as an anthemic anti-bullying battle song that gives them the spark of confidence they need to keep going and to embrace the beauty in being themselves.

We have created a new section on our website where people can access resources that will help them if they are being bullied. They can also share their story of having triumphed over bullying with everyone else. Lastly, we encourage our followers to use our hashtag #beautifulfreaks to show their friends that they are proud of who they are, quirks and all.

Listen to "Weirdos and Freaks" below:

Honey and Jude online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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