Behind The Song: "Wrong Time" by Keeva

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You all know that house in the sand aspires to be more than just a norma music blog.
We want to bring the readers closer to the artists - and the artists closer to the readers.

We're always working on new content and new segments to make this website even cozier and more personal.
And I'm very happy to present you a new feature today, which I decided to name "Behind The Song".

Whenever you see that title pop out, expect a personal piece written by the artist/the band who wrote said song.

This feature will be kicked off by one of HITS' favourites, Keeva.

The singer/songwriter from London, UK has an incredibly warm and souly voice and of course, a brilliant writing style.
Her sound can be described as Acoustic, Folk mixed with Soul.

Besides her being an up and coming artist herself she has also co-written with some hit makers from the US and the UK.
  Keeva has received support from BBC Radio 2 presenters Simon Mayo and Bob Harris who have featured her music on their shows.

Read more about the story behind Keeva's new track "Wrong Time" below:

"Wrong Time" was written in a time of my life where I met someone who ticked all the relevant boxes but I wasn't ready to commit to a possible heartbreak again. It's almost an apology to the great guy I let down. 

 I wrote the song in about 40 minutes, refining the bridge a few days later. 
Sat on my bedroom floor on New Years Day at around 3pm. Honestly, it was one of those rare moments in which I can't remember writing it - all the words came out quite fluidly and I said everything I needed to say in a few minutes (best feeling ever) I quickly recorded a voice memo of it and sent it to the people who's opinions I respect the most (they all seemed to like it, yay).

The video shoot was a lot of fun, shot in my favourite venue The Tooting Tram and Social alongside my friends Simon Waldock, Tom Clarke and the fab Harry Hudson-Taylor on guitar.
 I wanted to create something which seemed classic and as if it was from the 60s and I think Simon really captured that. "Wrong Time" is one of my most honest songs and I'm delighted to be able to share it with others.

Watch the video for "Wrong Time" here:

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Credits // Text intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Text, Image & Video: Keeva 


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