Festival Excitement: Southside 2016

Hey guys! 

Festival season is right around the corner and I'm sure a lot of you are at least attenting one festival this Summer.
To celebrate the beauty of this season a bit more, I've decided to run this segment to share which acts I'd watch at a certain festival.

We'll start off with Southside Festival (which is the twin of Hurricane, so practically this counts for both festivals).

The amazing Southside Festival takes place in Neuhausen Ob Eck, Germany.
It's been running for years and if you take a look at the lineup, you'll know why.
The massive variety of acts just wins, you can't deny it.

Check out Southside here: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Now here's my little selection of musicians I'd love to see at Southside:

Of course we would go and see James Bay.
I mean, come on, who wouldn't? His music just works everywhere - in your car, played on your record player on a Sunday morning, in intimate venues and on festival stages.
The full band sound gives his tunes so much grip and energy, definitely making him a festival favourite.

If I told you that I was recommended to listen to Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls by a 65 years old lady at a Martin and James gig, how would you react?
Well, I went home and checked out some tunes. And to be honest - I think one has a bloody good time listening to them livem especially at a big festival.
SO much energy!

Yes, I'm one of those annoying people that like to point out that they knew about an artist before they became big.
So, yeah, I've been following Tom Odell for a good while now, had the chance to see him live twice and was blown away each time. This guy and his band have so much passion and it's beautiful! Odell is definitely a festival must see!
(p.s.: I have a photo of Tom and myself in which we both look like potatoes. That's definitely one thing I can't wait to share with my grandchildren.)

Everyone who has to spend some time with me right now, knows that I'm slightly (very) obsessed with Jack Garratt's music.
 I'm completely impressed by the way he creates an amazing sound using drums, keys and guitars (mostly at the same time). And I'm absolutely fascinated by his skills. Whilst a lot of musicians only concentrate on one instrument, this lad kills it on three!
I don't care where he plays, but lord I need to see this live! And so do you, so check him out!!

Okay, writing this bit about Jack Garratt just really got to me. Writing can be so intense when you try not to freak out about a guitar solo.
To calm myself down, and to calm down at a festival, I highly recommend catching Jamie Lawson's set at the festival. Jamie is a friend of house in the sand and we're pretty lucky to say that.
His music is so vivid, so charming and so personal - which is such a great combination for some relaxed time in the sun. Go and wear your flower crowns for this!

Upbeat tracks, acoustic guitars with folky rhythms which are too rock influenced to be pop.
Yep, that's what I call a festival banger!
One thing I adore about festivals is when the entire crowd sings along, so we definitely need some catchy yet absolutely clever tracks. I feel like X Ambassadors are that kind of band that make a festival memorable. Just check out the performance below, it's amazing.

In my opinion, Highasakite are that band you'd like to see when the sunset is at its' most intense state.
Their dreamy sound would mix so well with the beautiful colours of a sunset.
Now that the scene is set, close your eyes and take it all in.

Sony Music introduced me to this amazing artist and I hope that I can introduce some of you to him.
Kelvin Jones is definitely not your average singer/songwriter, he's a bluesy, folky, reggae and pop influenced artist. His warm and calming voice is going to embrace you like a lovely hug.
(I probably just made this cheesier than I should've. Sorry.)

Alright now! So this is the list of acts HITS would LOVE to see at Southside 2016.

Let us know if you're going and who you're looking forward to seeing live.
Happy festival season!

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Southside 2016 // Videos: via YouTube


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