Song Of The Day: "You Are The Centre Of Me" by Ivy Nations

Hey guys!

Last weekend I was in the studio with a very dear friend of mine.
I'll tell you more about that next week, but I wanted to bring this up in the intro because at one point there was this massive group of people working their behinds off, to create something amazing.

There were many things about that session which filled me with a lot of joy,
but the one thing I adored the most was the fact that people working together will always be the most powerful thing on the planet.

With that in mind, I'm super excited to publish today's post.
It's written by Adam Reeve, one of our super duper talented writers on house in the sand.

So ladies and gents, please meet Adam! :)

Before you read his brilliant review, please check out Adam on the line:
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Here's Adam's review of Ivy Nations new track, "You Are The Centre Of Me". 

Ivy Nations are a four piece band from Dublin, Ireland.
Having formed in January 2015, these guys have gained a knack for producing material that offers a lot of reasons to get intom them: danceable grooves, thunderous displays of guitar-driven ferocity and some pretty simple pop hooks that sink right into your face.
It's a formula that perfectly complements the otherwise tense lyrical content about a pretty domineering relationship but does make for a more-convoluted and interesting listen.

Please note that this song is also a good way of teaching others not to revolve your life around a certain somebody. It's a good lesson to learn, that's why I revolve mind around pizza.

Boasting a strong display of playing the drums, "You Are The Centre Of Me" kicks in right away with a beat that heads right for the hips. A simple synthesiser riff is paired up with some synthetic drums to emit a sound that appear to have just come out of the 80's. This old school feel is then accompanied by a scratchy but catchy guitar part that adds a little texture and a little extra swing into the airwaves, almost certainlymaking you bust out your best Funky Chicken.

Ivy Nations continue this impressive performance by delivering a chorus that simultaneously screams a big F YOU to a douchebag while also keeping it with the upbeat vibes of the song.
Nice work guys.

"You Are the Centre of Me" is a great track from Ivy Nations. For a band so young into their career, they've certainly found all the tools to get me dancing heavily at the very least (which doesn't take a lot to be fair).
Their second single is bouncy, full of passion and groove and yet, it's a great way to let out all your steam via your feet and your hips.
Shake that anger away girl, this is great.

Ivy Nations online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Adam Reeve | Image & Sound: Ivy Nations


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