Best Of 2014: Gig Pics

Hey guys!

Those of you who have been around at this time of the in 2013 already know that I'm a sucker for cheesy best ofs.
I just can't help but love a good reflection of what happened within a certain amount of time. My friends have to deal with that all year long. And now that 2014 is coming to an end I feel like it's appropriate to give you a little reflection of certain and special events.

There are going to be a few more "Best Of 2014" posts throughout the rest of this month.
(This makes me really happy!)

I want to start off with a photography post.
Photography is one of my passions and I'm absolutely happy that in 2014 I got to photograph quite a few gigs.
All gigs were absolutely enjoyable music wise and therefore taking pictures was even more fun. I got to photograph my friends The Arkanes five times this year and every single time was fantastic!

I love taking pictures whilst standing in the crowd even though that can be tricky. There are some crowds who are super loyal and let you move around and then there are crowds who absolutely hate you for trying to move around. 

At bigger gigs there's usually always a photo pit which is the area between the stage and the crowd. The typical rule there is "3 songs, no flash" - means you get to shoot the first three songs and are not allowed to use flash.

I also got to go on stage a couple of times to take some shots, so thanks to all bands who let me climb on stage!

Below you'll find my favourite pictures I took this year. I hope you enjoy, feel free to tell me which one you like best. :)

Jim Kroft // Alte Schule, Bergkirchen

James (Martin and James) // Eldorado, Zurich

Martin (Martin and James) // Eldorado, Zurich

Martin and James // Centralstation, Darmstadt

Martin and James // Centralstation, Darmstadt

Martin (Martin and James) // Centralstation, Darmstadt

James (Martin and James) // Centralstation, Darmstadt

Tom Odell // LKA, Stuttgart

Tom Odell // LKA, Stuttgart

Longy (The Arkanes) // Kellerklub, Stuttgart

Chris (The Arkanes) // Kellerklub, Stuttgart

Dylan (The Arkanes) // Kellerklub, Stuttgart

Lee (ex-bassist for The Arkanes) // Kellerklub, Stuttgart

James (Martin and James) // Waldsee, Freiburg

Martin (Martin and James) // Waldsee, Freiburg

Jim Kroft // Café Rudi Marie, Berlin

Ben Barritt & Jim Kroft // Café Rudi Marie, Berlin

Dan Dietrich // Farm, Darmstadt

Jake (The Arkanes) // Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg

Chris (The Arkanes) // Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg

Chris & Jake (The Arkanes) // Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg

Jamie Lawson // Porsche Arena, Stuttgart

Saint Raymond // Porsche Arena, Stuttgart

Saint Raymond // Porsche Arena, Stuttgart

Ed Sheeran // Porsche Arena, Stuttgart

Ed Sheeran // Porsche Arena, Stuttgart

The Arkanes // Backstage Halle, Munich

Chris (The Arkanes) // Backstage Halle, Munich

Jake (The Arkanes) // Backstage Halle, Munich

Dylan (The Arkanes) // Backstage Halle, Munich

Longy (The Arkanes) // Backstage Halle, Munich

That's it. Out of probably 9000-10000 pictures I took, those are my favourites of 2014.
I hope you like them too! Let's see who will be in front of my lens in 2015! :)

Thank you for reading and taking time to look at the photographs. :)

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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