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Hey guys! 

This year I've managed to write 170 posts for house in the sand. Two more are to follow.

I'm actually pretty happy with that number since I really have written every single post on my own, no guest writer or anything. 

I often get asked how long it takes to write a post and I think the end of the year is a nice time to talk about such things.
Well, it depends. A post can take me an hour or it can take me a day to write.

For example; more personal posts, such as updates on what's going on or little throwbacks are super easy to write and therefore take less than an hour.

Then there are album reviews. The average album itself is around 40-50 minutes long. As a reviewer you should listen to an album MORE than just one time. I usually listen to an album three to four times before I start writing. You do the maths.

The posts that take me the longest to produce are concert impressions. Taking the photos and filming the videos at the gigs usually takes between 40 and 90 minutes, depending on what sets I get to shoot. 
I usually end up with faaaar too many pictures so I have to go through them, choose the best ones, edit them. It's the same with the videos. Sometimes the editing takes two hours, sometimes it takes +8 hours.
(The Ed Sheeran gig post took about 9 hours. I took +900 photos I had to sort through. And of course the written parts need to be written, too.)

I absolutely love writing the articles you see on here and can't wait for 2015!

Below you'll find all posts of 2014, feel free to read the ones you haven't read yet. Just click the title and the article of your choice appears. :)

Birthday Countdown 2014:

Personal, Updates & Live Announcements:

Song Reviews:
Official Trailer
Video: Help me plan a project

Thank you for reading! :)

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