thank yous 2014

 Hey guys!

This is the last post of 2014. So technically it's a goodbye post.
Another year is over, another 365 days are history.

There were so many moments in 2014 where house in the sand left me speechless. It started when we hit 100 000 visits in May - a milestone I'm still so excited about.

And then, just yesterday, we hit 1 000 000 (I repeat: ONE MILLION) visits. I'm still not over this number. There is going to be a one million special on Friday (2nd January 15).

 I could never take these things for granted. That's why I really feel a strong need to just write a few lines about those people who made 2014 special. There are a lot more but the following are very important to me.
I got to work with so many talented and unbelievably supportive musicians this year.

Martin and James and Ryan - the three most supportive Scotsmen I've ever met. You guys have supported HITS from the very beginning and I'm really thankful for that.
Thank you Martin, for recording the fantastic music intro for HITS.
Thank you James, for helping me out with my studies. We got an A!!!
Thank you Ryan, for all the organisation. Without you we would be lost, that's for sure.

Jim Kroft - one of the most inspiring musicians I know. You've also been there from day one of HITS and it makes me proud to know you support this space of web. Thank you for all the positive words.

The Arkanes - oh boy, where do I start? You guys have probably been the most featured band in 2014 and I do not regret a single thing.
Chris, Dylan, Jake & Longy - thank you for adopting me into the band, for all the amazing gigs and the fun backstage. For being the funniest and most wonderful rockers and for involving me in so many band things. I'm so ready to join you guys on stage - my triangle solo is spot on. Spot on.

Dan Dietrich - another supporter from day one. You're one of the kindest guys I know and I'm really glad I was able to visit you this year. Need to do that more often in 2015, especially if there are more gigs at the farm.

Shoot The Rabbit & cat buddy - it certainly is always a pleasure having you on the blog. Thank you for all the support. Can't wait to see what 2015 holds for you.

Ben Barritt & Panic Tree - I absolutely enjoyed filming with you and I'm ridiculously excited for everyone to see what you've got coming up. Thank you for working with me.

Mark Mathews & Chris Stringer for the wonderful support online and for choosing to work with HITS more than just one time. It means a lot!

Nessi from carpe carmina & Ross from 6 Towns Radio - what can I say? You two have been absolutely supportive and your actions have left me speechless and smiling a couple of times. It's such a fantastic feeling being friends with creative people.

Seija - thank you for the help with the new design, the trips to B-town and the fun we had in general.

The fake friends - I didn't expect I'd thank you at some point, but hey - you taught me a few lessons. Those people who pretend to like you but really just want to be friends with musicians are frustrating. But they've helped me to realize what real friendship is. And that's worth a lot, innit?

Mamarazzi - for supporting me no matter what, for driving to gig no matter where and for dealing with me no matter how I've felt. When I say you're the best, I really mean it.

And most importantly:
The readers, followers, likers, viewers - without you none of this would be possible. If you weren't interested in house in the sand there surely wouldn't be a reason to do all of this.
I know probably everyone says this BUT - you are the best readers in the world!

I could go on for hours thanking everyone who's been part of 2014.
But I hope they all know what it means to me.

Thank you for reading, for liking, following, working with me and for being fantastic friends. I can't say it enough - I'm thankful.

Here's to 2015, let's make the most of it. :)

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Image: Vanessa Jertschewske


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